Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W: Watering

As I type this post, I'm playing the procrastination game of watching for the sun to set juuuuuust enough that it's light enough to water the flowers but not bright enough for my still winter-pale skin to suffer the wrath of Helios.

And mostly, honestly, just because watering the flowers is one chore I uber-hate. I love having them, I love seeing, smelling, even planting them, but that maintenance thing... ugh. My hubs isn't a fan, either. So to make this chore at least somewhat tolerable we've tried a few tricks.

1. Automatic Watering Systems - In years past we've tried a few of the more budget-friendly versions with little hoses and plastic valves made apparently of eggshell that sometimes last the whole season, but usually just end up making a leaky mess and drowning the poor flowers. For the number of times we've had to replace cheap timers or valves we probably could have hired a gardener to do it every day for us.

2. Sprinkers  - Ever tried planting flowers in just such a way that a common lawn sprinkler could reach every one of them? That's how much I don't like standing around with a hose.

3. Make It a Drinking Game - PSA: Not a family friendly solution. If you're like me and can't stand the chore, make it fun by drinking a glass of wine every time you drop the hose and accidentally spray yourself. I should really do this in a wet suit.

4, Having Kids - Actually, we haven't tried this one yet. But I hear having kids is a great source of free labor around the house. I've been told they work for only room, board, clothes, electronics, and college tuition.  Hmmm... maybe I'll just train my cat.

What are your lawn care secrets? Any tips to share? 


  1. No watering for us out here in CA. I'm afraid. At least that's one chore off my list.

  2. I am the kid that waters the garden. In the summer, anyway :) My version of having fun with it is trying to spray the dog with the hose.

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  3. I've always wondered- what if I poke holes in the water hose and plug the spray end? Then I could snake it around the flowers and turn it on. But I've never tried it. It would be my luck, the hose would explode.
    PS teaching the cat may be easier than teaching the kids, LOL

  4. I've recently started gardening, I don't mind watering them because there are only two plants in my garden :)

  5. Now I like the idea of a glass of wine when you drop the hose. I drop things so easily. I have seen hoses with holes in spread around the garden to do the watering. They seem to work OK.

  6. I so hear you about hating to water flowers!! I now have a cactus garden in the front (very little watering needed) and I just planted knockout roses (very little care needed) and I quit buying flowers that need to be watered every single day. I have a full sprinkler system that gets the job done just fine. I do water my trees but I use Tree IV buckets that make that job easier.
    If I ever get flowers that I have to water every day, I'm definitely going to try to drinking game!! Good idea!
    Another good idea that was very effective for a few years: I bought these very expensive (for me anyway) fake hanging flowers with battery lights and everybody thought they were the real thing. I can't remember the name of them; something like Bethlehem or something. They held up being in the weather year round and it looked like I had gorgeous flowers all year long. I'd invest in those again for sure, if I can remember the darn name...

    Great post. I enjoyed it. Stop by my place if you get a chance. Would love to have you there.

    Michele at Angels Bark


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