Monday, April 25, 2016

U: Under

Use Caution! This post might be horrifying - BEWARE! Don't Look UNDER There!!

Yes, it's U Day. And I was serious about this post being horrific! Today I'm talking about the places Around the House we dread to look UNDER...

the Bed. Dust bunnies or fuzz monsters? I find clumps of dog toy stuffing, stray strings, dog hair tufts (everywhere...) and miscellaneous odds and ends we thought were lost.

the Rugs. A rug is not a barrier to keep dirt off the floor, unfortunately... It's sneaky and mysterious. I don't know how, but dirt manages to find it's way under the rug and hides there until I lift it up.

the Couch. Similar to the bed, but worse. Usually crumbs and small toys or game pieces are found as well. Keep the vacuum handy and try not to get sick with disgust.

the Silverware/Tray. How often do you clean yours? This one is another mystery. How do crumbs get in there? Silverware goes in clean and comes out clean. Yet somehow the tray collects tiny crumbs. Eerie.

the Fridge. No. I won't look. Eww! Dusty, linty, moldy, often unrecognizable food! Or an innocent fallen pen, photo, or magnet, now laid to waste covered in gunk and dusted with dog hair - Blech!

So what are you afraid to look UNDER in your house?
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  1. The last time we pulled out our fridge, there was a dead lizard behind it. Living in Florida is great.

    1. eww! but i actually liked lizards when I lived there (as a kid)
      in arizona the lizards were XL! now that was scary!
      (worst part of florida are the palmetto bugs!)

  2. THE SILVERWARE TRAY IS HAUNTED!!! I've been saying this for years. How in the heck does anything get in there? I'm not a dirty person, I swear!

  3. Oh no! Now I have to pull out that fridge and actually see what I know is back there. Moving sounds easier.

  4. I'm constantly finding lost objects under my bed! Most recently, I found a bracelet that had been missing for a few weeks. I've also found water bottles, socks, shea butter, and other goodies.

    Welcome to My Magick Theatre
    Onomastics Outside the Box

  5. I guess the fridge, freezer and stove. My kitchen is so small it's really difficult to move these appliances let alone clean there. Yuk.


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