Thursday, April 21, 2016

R: Reminders

R day is upon us. It's a good thing I wrote it on my calendar or I would've forgotten to write my post! I desperately need REMINDERS or things won't get done. As I get older, along with the rest of me that's falling apart, my brain seems to be shrinking too! So today, I'm sharing how I manage to keep up with everything around the house...


Sticky Notes are my favorite invention. I keep pads of paper in every major room of the house to jot down things I need so I don't forget. But sticky notes are brighter, demanding attention. I use them for important reminders. If I need gas, the car ding-a-ling helps, but is easily ignored. A strategically placed sticky note will make me do that chore or buy that item just so I can throw the note away and get it out of my sight! They also travel better, to and from work, or stuck to my keys or phone. They're also great to remind family members of things they may forget to do - like feed the dog, sign a form, brush their teeth, pack their lunches, and don't forget to bring their heads to school...

Magnets are my second favorite invention. I collect them from my travels. And they're an awesome way to post more long-term things like sports schedules and lunch menus, in plain view on the fridge - the most opened door in the house.

Calendars are a beautiful thing. I have a bunch of calendars in my house. Most are for decoration and to glance at to know what day it is when I lose track. It happens. But the most functional calendars I have are on my devices. I used to do paper pencil, but things just change too fast for us these days, and there are so many events to coordinate. It's easier to have everything in one place and accessible to all.

Dry erase boards save paper. Handy, easy to write on, glance at, erase & update. One more reminder tool option.

Lists are encouraging notes of love. I love lists. They help me remember. They prod me to finish things. They don't yell at me, they patiently wait to be fulfilled. Crossing things off gives me a sense of accomplishment. Lists are the best!

Timers are a necessity. Did I say I was forgetful? (ha!) I not only use timers for cooking, I use them for laundry, pickup times, appointments, etc. They keep me in line and almost on time!

My phone does his part too. I'm slowly converting almost all of the above to my phone - calendars, timers, lists, etc. as I grudgingly plod forward into the future... But I still like sticky notes best!

Prioritizing is the key to organization, but unless I write it down, it ain't gettin done.

Do you have any reminder advice? Pass it on!
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  1. I use many post-it notes and one big wall calendar to keep track of the things I need to remember. I haven't yet made the transition to using my phone.

    1. i love calendars! and my transition is in process... i dont trust all to technology!

  2. My husband likes to say his primary role is as my practical memory. I'll remember everyone's birthday, but then forget to close the garage door or turn the oven on when I'm putting something on to boil. I can use all the help I can get!

  3. I keep reminders on my phone and on the fridge. Probably because I'm always heading to the fridge, which isn't good.

  4. I wish I'd been the one who invented those sticky notes!

  5. I have started using my phone to set timers for tasks I have a tendency to get obsessive about, like writing. I'll sit down to write an hour and pretty soon all the time I needed to pay bills, cook dinner, etc. are all gone.

  6. Sticky notes, lists, and magnets...those are some of my favorites, too. I also use the reminder app on my phone, but it's not as fun.

  7. You know the magnets on the shower liners to hold it close to the tub? Before i throw an old liner away, I cut them out. They are perfect for the refrigerator, along with all those cute one you can pick up at the dollar store. LOL
    I use all these techniques, but not the phone. Nope, well, not yet. I also have the post it notes on my lap top. Blog schedules, to do lists, and my favorite prayer. :)

  8. A group blog, looks fun! Visiting you from #azchat and #azchallenge on twitter. Good luck with your other posts. I adore my paper calendar, even if it's old school. I can staple tickets to it and flyers which I can't to my phone. Maui Jungalow

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  10. Calendars and Lists... I write lists for everything! And Calendars are part of my New Year ritual. I have had Calendars from my favorites movies, tv shows, family pictures, books... Every December my husband create for me a new wonderful calendar for the next year!.

  11. If I stopped list making my life would stop! At the very least my grocery store trips would be twice as long and multiple times a week for all the things I would forget!


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