Saturday, April 16, 2016

N: Nesting

It's that time. The soon-to-be-mom is frantically running through the house, through the store, and driving everyone batty. Baby clothes are everywhere. Stacks of baby items haven't found their place, yet. Furniture is boxed still, ready to be set up for the new arrival.

And suddenly, IT HAS TO BE ALL BE DONE...NOW! Oh, the joys of NESTING!!

Soon-to-be-mom, or soon-to-be-mom-again, has one goal and one goal only. It's more of a yell/scream/wild holler sound of, "We have to get everything ready!!! The baby will be here soon!!!"

Old wives' tales say that once a mother has the urge to nest, labor is coming. Can you imagine having that kind of timetable indicator? It's like the turkey timer!

The devil in me is like, whoa, people, take advantage of the moment! Let her deep clean! This will be the last time in months she'll feel this energetic to do it! However, here are some tips to help nesting succeed in a healthy manor for mom, baby...and ESPECIALLY you.

1) Don't let her lift heavy objects (Like a dish, so you do dishes.)
2) No ladders. It's terrible for the equilibrium. (Hence, send her shopping to make sure she doesn't climb it.)
3) Avoid chemicals like bleach and oven cleaners, and use ventilation. (Basically, she needs to go to a spa to avoid these period!)
4) Encourage rest and to save some of that energy for when baby comes! (Like at before mentioned spa.)
5) Stand back when she starts looking like the Hulk coming after you. (Because you didn't listen to me!)

1) Have any tips to add?
2) What kind of "nester" were you or your significant other?
3) Ever see the Hulk nester?


  1. Funny. Never been through this thank goodness.

  2. I'll have to visit some pregnant friends and do some research. I'll report back.

  3. I must say, I never experienced any of this. I just carried on as normal up until the day I had my beautiful daughter. Luckily I was young and full of energy.

  4. Fun post! I hope I get the chance to nest again <3


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