Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I was looking on Pinterest a few months back, and when I spotted some cool DIY (Do it yourself) pins, mason jars were all the shabby chic rage! I personally use them to stash all my kids' candy from parades and holidays, putting them on a shelf in the kitchen. It looks really cool. Almost like an old fashioned candy shop area. And the kids love being able to turn the jars and find what they want without having to dump anything.

Aside from that, jars can be painted, turned into lights, be a vase, an organizer, and also a canner. But lets look beyond the canning spectrum here. Below are a few awesome Pinterest ideas I found involving the mason jar!

1. Ever craft with a mason jar?
2. What creative things have you tried?
3. Do you jar your candy??


  1. I do envy those who are creative with jars. When we have an empty jar, I do think about using it for something - being creative. But it always ends up in the glass disposal. Shame on me. Being British we do have a biscuit tin :)

  2. I did a ton of jar and wine bottle crafts for the wedding! I did everything from twine wrapping, glitter rolling, and spray painting to cutting and etching. It was fun, but then I had to figure out what to do with them AFTER it was over!

  3. It is fun to see how creative people can be with mason jars. Hubby had a friend at work who would make cinnamon almonds and put them in mason jars with a little bow around the top; cute delicious gift :) I haven't done anything with them yet myself.


    1. I love when people give me the layers of ingredients for cookies in a jar. :)

  4. Some interesting and clever jar ideas. It's fun to see what a creative person can do with a simple glass cylinder.

  5. Such candy as comes into our home goes one place and one place only. Although it might sit in a dish during it's wait. As a kid we were only allowed candy after one meal a day and not much of it at that.

  6. These are really cool!!! I've use them as cute organizer more than anything, I did however, use them once to umm try that vodka jolly rancher shot . . . so it was good to get the candy nice and melted in that, umm, liquid vodka is made of. (Don't try it. Ever. Not good lol)


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