Monday, April 4, 2016

C: Closets

Welcome to C day!

As we CONTINUE our A to Z journey through the house, I bet you were expecting some cleaning tips, eh? Well, we give cleaning tips throughout the year, so I chose to talk about CLOSETS.

CLOTHES closets, foyer closets, storage closets, linen closets! No matter which closet you open, it's probably overflowing with CLUTTER!

Well, here are my tips for Clearing your Closets!
  • PURGE! It may take a whole day, but it must be done. We usually clean out the clothes closets twice a year - Spring and Fall. This helps us get rid of outgrown clothes and see what we need to shop for!
  • During the year, I tell my kids to throw stuff they don't wear anymore onto the TOP SHELF. This helps with the purge process and is a good indicator of when it's time to donate!
  • The KIDS MUST HELP! Not only do they identify toys and things to purge, they could use the experience! (Small blessing to a future spouse!)
  • Invest in HOOKS, SHELVES, and BINS, then messy closets look a little neater between purges.
  • And a couple of extra little organizational tidbits for Mom's Closet:
    • I keep my CLOTHES COLOR COORDINATED. It helps me when I'm choosing outfits.
    • In addition to the purge, I switch seasonal clothes with unseasonal items in a spare closet (my youngest doesn't use half his closet space)
    • My Rule for Removal is if I haven't worn it in 2 years. Yours might be shorter...
Well, with spring sneaking in, I think it's time for a purge! Happy Closet Cleaning! 
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  1. Great tips! I'm ruthless when cleaning out closets and throw out everything that's been in there untouched for over months. I do that with kitchen cupboards and other storage spaces too. It drives my husband crazy :) But at least (most of the time) things are organised. It is only a yearly thing so it doesn't cause too much damage :)

  2. Cool tips! I am a terrible hoarder and can't bear to part with anything. But we have so far moved homes pretty regularly and that is a megacut anyway and keeps the closets, and life genrally, trimmed.


  3. Try having bed bugs invade your home. You will be amazed how it gets you to clean out stuff you don't use any more. Worse than moving.

  4. Excellent tips! I do the top shelf thing too. in fact, I think It's about time I take all the stuff from my son's top shelf and hand them on to friends.

  5. I try to abide by the "if you haven't worn it in a year" rule, but there are just some things I can't bring myself to part with.

    Which is why my closet is a disaster area.

  6. I am craving spring cleaning. I know the closet I face will also remind me to move my butt more. Darn, those chocolate Easter eggs~lol Great tips, Thank you!

  7. I think a lot of women are guilty of this - "If I could just lose some more weight, I'll fit into this again." (Of course, that never happens. ) OR "I paid almost $200 for this. I'm not getting rid of it." LOL! ~~~ I've got stuff in my closet that needs to go. LOL!

    Piper Presley
    C is for Coming in Hot: A Squad of Sexy Firefighter Romances Multi-Author Boxed Set

  8. I'm big on clearing stuff out. Only problem is I've cleared my closet of things I later regretted. I have mourned the loss of an outfit or two and shed real tears. True story.
    Writing Women’s Fiction

  9. I love purging! And I'm totally with you on the seasonal switch-outs and ditching the unworns. It just feels better to open a closet with space in it, plus I actually feel like I have MORE to wear because I'm not rifling through 20 shirts I can't get into, or don't work for the season.

  10. Great advice. I hate clutter but I'm not so good at de-cluttering! Now you have inspired me! Around My Kitchen Table

  11. The last time I tried to help my son clear his closet I had to walk away and meditate for an hour. He resisted clearing anything out without a struggle. Mine was much easier to deal with.
    Rosa Temple writes...

  12. OMG. Now you've done it. You've said the C word that strikes terror in my heart. The place where all things go, never to see the light of day again. And it's spring. The time mandated by some masochistic person as the time to clean. I may need a mid-morning nap after reading this post. :-)

  13. Yes! Yes! Yes! To all you said. I've been in a purging mode for the last year. I've done my closet (got rid of oodles of clothes and made several trips to Goodwill and color coordinated my clothes: such a help that is!), my spare rooms AND my garage (with a trip to the dump with a 10 ft trailer full of stuff I didn't need anymore. The feeling that you get when you purge is so freeing!
    Great post!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  14. Love the top shelf idea. I know there is stuff in drawers and closets the have no intention of ever wearing!

  15. I like the top shelf idea. I generally clean closets when I open the door and stuff falls out, LOL! Love your theme!

  16. Good plan. I remember my mom making -- I mean, asking -- us to help purge our closets. lol As an adult, I've also found that if you keep all your Christmas decorations at the back of your closet (mine are deep and narrow), you have little choice but to clean them out at least once a year!

  17. My kids are growing pretty fast so I find myself cleaning out closets and drawers and cubbies quite often.

  18. I've been on a purging binge (haha) lately. We moved to a smaller house, and we have so much STUFF! Sometimes I have trouble letting go, but it's getting easier.

  19. Great tips! I have to admit that I'm really bad about purging clothes, though.

  20. I love your ideas, particularly getting the kids involved. I'm a newbie to your site through A to Z Challenge but have joined the blog, so as not to miss anything.

  21. Thanks for all the comments - I enjoyed hearing all your different takes on purging and I'm glad I'm not alone in neglecting this chore!

  22. I need to get busy with this! I have almost cleaned out my daughter's closet, but it's easier with her because she is 2 and outgrows everything so fast. If it would ever warm up here (Ohio) for good I could finish the process in her closet. My closet is another issue. Maybe I can get motivated in the next couple of weeks to do this! Cassie from Mommy, RN


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