Sunday, April 24, 2016

T: Tiny Spaces

Welcome to the T edition of the April A-Z Challenge! I thought about going for the obvious and talking about my tea stash, but then I realized that's not actually the thing I love most around the house. Let me preface this my saying that I'm a natural nester, a cozy cocooner, and a busy burrower.

If you made it past the terrible alliteration, I'm saying that I adore (read: live for, love, NEED) tiny spaces to make my own cozy little escape nooks. Even when I was a kid I'd seek out the tiny hidden corners and stay for hours - crammed under a shelf in a closet, under the entertainment center, a hidden space in tree branches... that was the best place to sneak off with a book :-)

However, my beer and pizza loving grown-up body just won't fit into those kinds of spaces anymore, so now I live for finding unused corners to take over and make my own. I may not be able to hide there, but there's something about the mostly enclosed nesting feeling that just brings peace back to my crazy days.

Lucky for me, the good folks over at Design Sponge know that tiny spaces are the place to be at all ages. Check out their 10 Cozy Reading Nooks that I bet you'll be finding a way to work into your house now.
From light and airy to dark and cozy, they've got them all!

What are your favorite escapes around the house? Do you have any tiny spaces of your own?


  1. I converted the large closet in my home office into a reading nook. It has a padded bench and is lined with bookshelves. It's roomier than you'd think and a great place to hide out. :-D
    Carol at My Writing Journal

    1. That sounds amazing!! I really want to empty out a closet to do that very thing. The only thing I'll need is a book shelf, bean bag, and a wine cooler :-)


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