Thursday, April 14, 2016

L : Lighting

You're probably thinking lightening isn't that cool. But that's because you probably haven't googled or hit up Pinterest for ideas on lighting for your home. I mean, who does?

When I discovered the DIY boom, I discovered lighting! It's not just a lamp. It's not just a ceiling fixture. It's so much more! It lights up the room. Lights up the meal. Lights up everyone's mood when it lights up!

My early marriage days consisted of the basic floor lamp. Tall, skinny, and a plastic blue. Boy, have I moved on! Now it's more Victorian. I even have one with an attached chord to a step-button to turn on/off.

Now, check out some awesome lighting fixtures you probably didn't think of! Some are created simply using basic decorations and adding string lights. Others are using light bulbs and touching up the look with either a replacement "shade" or hanging them from something!

1. Did I get your mind reeling on some ideas for your house?
2. What kind of lighting style are you?
3. Lights out or lights on when...jk! Don't answer that...


  1. I love to watch decorating programs on TV and love the variety of lighting features available nowadays. Agree with everything you've said. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Q3. on and out :):)

  2. I love that ladder light. Very pretty.

    We just have basic floor lamps in our house. I've always been a very "if it suits my needs" type person when it comes to decorating.

    1. I would so do the ladder light. Nothing wrong with the basics!!

  3. I love looking for new lighting fixtures! I actually have had my eye on a specific ceiling fan/chandelier for years that my husband says we'll never put in our house. I think he's just jealous he didn't spot it first.

  4. We're redoing the lighting in one of our upstairs rooms. We use that room a lot and I think we simply wore out the old system. Besides, it's time for an update. That will happen this summer.

  5. Never bothered a lot about lighting, so long as I can read, that is my main concern. Lights on by the way.

  6. Okay, I officially feel lit up :)

    These are gorgeous. I like Pinterest. I always feel very crafty . . . until I give it a go. Then I learn that my talent lies in browsing the website and NOT following their instructions "on hand."


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