Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D: Dining Room

Does anyone actually use their DINING ROOM for Daily Dinners?? Special occasions don't count - nothing is the same when you have visitors (see V Day!)

This gorgeous, magazine Dining Room ===>> is for show only. I mean, we have pretty furniture in ours. Pretty useless furniture. Pretty, useless, dust-collecting, sad-because-we-don't-entertain-more furniture...

Mine looks like this most of the time...

Here are some things I use my Dining Room for:
=>  collecting things that need to be "filed" in the basement, like: kid keepsakes, boxes from electronics in case we have to return it, donation stuff, etc
=>  setting down stuff I need to return.
=>  doing crafts or repairs and they sit there to dry for a month or so.
=>  a staging area for mailing/shipping stuff.
=>  holding overflow from my desk (which is in the Dining Room, thank you very much!)

So much stuff! As you can see, my Dining Room is very versatile. But it frustrates me that it wasn't Designed that way! I'd like to know when are architects going to revamp floor plans for modern families? Not very many people use their Dining Rooms (or extra Living Rooms) as intended. Most of them are either wasted space with unused nice furniture or they're trashed like a junkyard/playroom.

At our house, we've talked about converting one of our "wasted" rooms into a nice big office for the hub who works out of the house, then I could take his perfect-size-for-me smaller office! Oh well. It'll probably never happen, but it's fun to picture...

So how do you use your DINING ROOM?? 
If you could reDesign a floor plan, what would you change?


  1. SO true! We inherited a gorgeous antique dining room table (and matching buffet and china cabinet) from my husband's grandmother. And we use it about four times a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and 4th of July.

    Most of the time, it serves as my scrapbooking area. I love having all my pages and photos out so when I have just a few minutes, I can work on a layout without having to spend too much time setting up and tearing down.

  2. Our dining room floor has carpeting, so there's no way our family of six is eating in there every day. We use the dining room more for crafting, office, school etc.

  3. Well, we kinda have a dining table in a secluded part of a very large living room. We always eat dinner there and can't stand the table being cluttered with other stuff.

    Open Minded Mormon A-Z

  4. I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge, reading your blog for the first time and enjoying it. I love the title of the blog--nice! I agree about dining rooms being multi-use spaces, but keep my alive in the way it's intended because our Sunday dinners there are so important to the family--and to me!

  5. I am enjoying that some people still use their dining rooms! sunday or daily dinners sound wonderful, but my crazy schedule wont allow it!

    thanks for stopping by!

  6. We use our dining room for dining. We eat there for every meal. I hate eating and watching TV which many people do.


  7. I don't have one in this house, probably because I never used it in the old one. Total waste of space.

  8. We use our dining table for dining but it's also a mutual desk for me and the hubby, as well as a "dump all" site. It's pretty useful as a command center as it's in the center of our condo, I don't know if having an office would be quite the same!

  9. Your dining room table looks like my kitchen table normally looks. I hadn't eaten on my kitchen table for a year I think, until I got out of town company and needed to table for serving meals. I sure couldn't expect my company to eat their dinner in the living room.

    I had a dining room when I moved into this house but I did away with it so I could expand my living room. Now I just have a nice big living room. But if I did have a dining room table, it would definitely be covered with "stuff"!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  10. We used our dining room everyday when my children were little. For while we turned our great room into the dining room to have more room for large groups of people (mostly teens).
    I wanted to tear out my walk-in closet to create a larger master bath. I guess I like a tub more than a place to keep my clothes :)
    Hope you have a great month.
    Im blogging for the A to Z Challenge from Fill the cracks and Moondustwriter's Blog. Happy A to Zing!

  11. I used to use my dining room as a storyboard room, and the table was a catch-all. But regardless of what the space might be used for, my dining room table is only ever used as an actual table upon which one eats dinner when we have guests.

  12. We are in the process of Designing our retirement home. We need the space for when are grown children and their children gather at our house. We will have a great room that has the kitchen area with a dining room table but that opens into the living room so we can make it bigger if we need to.

  13. Our kitchen table has projects on it, and sometimes they move to the dining table too, but we actually eat in the dining room - it has the best windows and is just as close to the kitchen as the kitchen table.

  14. We eat at our table- when everyone is home- which after high school, is almost never.

    I use mine to fold out laundry into piles. Perfect spot. Lots of room, no worry of the dog jumping on it.

  15. We do use our dining room every day for supper, and I usually eat my lunch there, even if I'm all by myself.


  16. My dining room has been converted to a lizard room. We will be moving in a few weeks and the dining room will be converted to a kid rec area. Even with guests we still use the breakfast dining and bar stools.

  17. Mine seems to be mostly for mail these days.

  18. I must've been about twelve when I discovered most people eat in the dining room instead of the kitchen. As someone with deep working-class roots, I grew up associating dining rooms with fancy meals and special occasions. I thought everyone ate in the kitchen.

  19. We don't have a dining room, but if we ever get to build a house we will have one. I will use mine as intended though because family dinners in the dining room were always a part of my childhood and I want that for my kids as well. It was the only time that my mom made us all be in the same room for at least half an hour and it was nice because we each took turns talking about our days. Cassie from Mommy, RN


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