Friday, April 8, 2016


One time, at a child's birthday party, the mother took something from someone and merely opened the door to the garage, sticking the item on what I assumed was a shelf by the door.
It made me wonder how cluttered her garage was. 
I happened to drive by her house another day, and her garage door was up.
I'm not sure how the husband was inching his way between items, or even able to locate what he was looking for, it was so packed!

I'm sure I can back up...
Garages can be the vortex pull of all things undesirable IN the house. Heck, I have my church choir props in my garage while my hubs keeps all his motorcycle parts, helmets, and tools in there. Plus we have a stand-up freezer and a fridge taking space. But we go through it at least once a year. More like I force the husband to!

I always smile now when I see a garage door lifted, and someone trying to walk through their packed "free storage unit", as I now dub it. And then I envy the ones looking magazine worthy.

1. hooks/shelves on walls! (seriously, enough said)
2. tool benches with storage spaces are a must! (especially customized ones)
3. install an attic above it!! (kidding!)

1. What takes up the most space in your garage?
2. Cluttered or organized?
3. Have a tip you want to share?



  1. No garage. When you live in an apartment you have to be less cluttered.

  2. Frankly, I'm always horrified when I look at most people's garages - like the hoarder's gateway. I probably tend to go too far in the other direction.

  3. We have a Jeep that came with both a hard and soft top. So when the hard top isn't actually on the car, it takes up the most space in the garage. Other than that, it's those kayaks we keep saying we're going to use...

    But our garage is super neat, especially when compared to some of the others in our neighborhood.

  4. My garage used to be horrible. I don't know how it got in that condition because I used to be able to park my SUV in there but not anymore, even now after the major purge I did last August. I had a 10ft trailer of junk that we hauled to the dump and many many trips to Goodwill. I don't have a ton of space but everything is pretty much organized.
    The problem here in Texas is that people don't have basements so the garage is the only real storage area. I'd give anything to have a basement!!

    Good post!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Never had a basement either! Always good to relieve the junk. ;)

  5. Both hubs and I agree--getting both cars in the garage is a MUST. We're really good about not letting it get cluttered, but it could be more organized.

  6. My kingdom for a garage! I do have a toolshed which is somewhat cluttered but I still can find things.

    1. Me, too!! The tool shed takes over some crap, too.

  7. PS almost no one in NJ puts their cars in their garages. Many people remodel attached garages into family rooms. Otherwise, they're used for storing personal watercraft or motorcycles, as workshops, or as kids' music studios

    1. Wow. Some people do that here too because the houses are older in some areas.

  8. First closets and now garages? Are you trying to drive me into insanity?

  9. Our garages are super organized, but I can't take a lick of credit for it. It's all my hubby. He has several car projects, (a Corvette, an El Camino, and a Model A rat rod) and a motorcycle (Harley, of course) in his main garage, which is where he does the actual mechanical work, so he has to keep it neat to make the best use of his space.


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