Thursday, January 28, 2016

Scheduling the Crisis


Wouldn't it be great if we could schedule all of our crises? Every January we could be given a calendar of all the times Murphy plans to stop by our lives and muck it all up. 

Then we'd know...and (maybe) have a plan ready. 

Murphy spent the entire holiday season with me. He showed up right around Thanksgiving with a death in the family. Then my mother ended up in a hospital in Indiana with a blood thinner overdose that left her weak...which caused her to fall and get injured before Christmas...and to top it off, Murphy dragged in a stomach flu that had me enjoying my post holiday bliss from the bathroom. 

Good times. my grandma used to say...if I'd known he was coming, I'd have baked a cake. A double chocolate one. And I'd have saved the whole damn thing for late night insomnia binges. 

Proper preparations could help us minimize the crises!!! 

Or maybe we'd just spend too much time worrying about what's to come and not appreciate the good times. 

And there are plenty of good times. Once Murphy packs up and moves on, we can enjoy the peace a quiet life can bring. 

*This has been a quick post by Elizabeth from my phone because Murphy decided to visit Tammy this morning. 😆😍


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