Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fitbit Tip

As a writer, I spend a lot of time in a chair. Seriously, hours can pass without any movement.

That's an aweseome way to get books written, but it's also an awesome way to develop a broad butt and a heart attack.

To prod myself into movement, I got a Fitbit for Christmas.

Today's post was going to be about using the Fitbit to help shed holiday pounds, but yesterday, my Fitbit died. Less than a few weeks old, it wouldn't hold a charge at all. I tried the reset and several different chargers.

I called customer support and James, the tech, tried to help me jump start my fitness helper, but nothing worked.

He asked me if I was using a block wall charger. I said I had. He said that was my problem. Some of the chargers aren't UL approved and can surge, frying the tiny little battery inside the tracker.

He kindly told me the optimal way to charge the Fitbit is hooked up to the computer.

If I want to use a wall charger, look for this icon:

Avoid the cheap knock offs without the UL code. They might fry small electronics.

Now, I have a new Fitbit on its way, and I will take much better care of it and maybe become a bit fitter Liz.


  1. now even technology is oversensitive!
    i use an app on my iphone to track my steps and fitness =)
    but i hope you check back in about the fit bit and its bene-fits!

    1. What app do you use? I tried to find a good one forever- or is my phone too old? I have my kid's old 4s because I'm cheap.

    2. What a coincidence - I have a 4S because I'm cheap, too! ;-) I don't have any fancy-pants fitness jewelry, but I use the Pacer App to track my steps. But since I'm too cheap to buy a FitBit, it only works when I'm carrying my phone. It's great otherwise!

  2. So what, do you have to take so many steps a day?

    1. Yes, but I forget how many. I think you're shooting for 10,000 steps. It will buzz on your wrist when you reach your mark.

  3. You'll have to tell me if it works. I have a friend that swears by her Jawbone UP (which is like a fancy Fitbit).

    1. My son has the jawbone. He likes it, but he's on his third. The bandacker keeps breaking. What I like best about Fitbit is that the tracker comes out of the band and I can get different colored bands for cheap and if my band breaks, I'm not out of the device. I just pop it out and put it in another.


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