Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yoga: Reaping the Benefits

Okay, so here I was about get back into the swing of things. Become more active. The up and down yo-yo health-thing we all do when suddenly the pants are snug and the scale is wrong. Dead wrong.

But, my hubs was on a call for the week, and I couldn't leave the house in case of an emergency at work. Which was definitely going to happen about every night. So what to do? I know plenty of crossfit exercises I could do at home from my crossfit days. Heck, I even have some of the equipment in the shed. But, I didn't want to. That was the problem. I ended up finally pushing the START button on a Yoga app I downloaded long ago, deciding I wanted something different. (I've done yoga a handful of times in my life.) The app was called TRACK YOGA.

Here's the thing, I've been having lower back pain for over a year now. Sometimes I can't get up from a sitting position without curling into a ball first to relax my back, then scream with my mouth shut as I get up. It's super sucky. I've been doing this app Monday-Friday for the past two weeks, and at first when I went from the CORPSE pose (laying on my back) to the sitting pose, I was screaming in lower back pain.

Two weeks later? No lower back pain. Not even when I get up out of bed. And usually, I have to pop my lower back to fall asleep. I try doing it, and it won't pop. But I can sleep now when it doesn't happen! I know YOGA has benefits. I mean, Madonna made it popular in the 90s. But what TRULEY ARE the benefits?

(please read them one by one, because you're about to be amazed!!)

Here are the BASIC benefits:
improved flexibility, muscle strength and tone, improved respiration/energy/vitality, balances metabolism, weight reduction, cardio/circulatory health, improved athletic performance, protection from injury

Here are the MEDICAL benefits:
perfects posture, prevents cartilage/joint breakdown, protects spine, improves bone health, increases blood flow, drains lymphs/boosts immunity, ups heart rate, drops blood pressure, regulates adrenal glands, makes you happier, lowers blood sugar, helps focus, relaxes systems, improves balance, maintains nervous system, releases limb tension, deeper sleep, boost immune system, lung strength, prevents IBS/digestive problems, peace of mind, increase self-esteem, eases pains, inner strength booster, lowers dosage of meds/get off completely (even OCD/diabetic meds), awareness building, soothes sinuses, allergy/viruses deterrent, encourages self-care, supports connective tissue, uses placebo effect to affect change

And here are the UNEXPECTED benefits:
emotional health boost, back pain treatment, fertility aid, hangover relief (you heard right), heart disease helper, asthma ease, arthritis fighter, insomnia buster, multiple sclerosis help, memory boost, PTSD benefit

I have to say, I don't know a lot of exercises that can say/do all that!! And the thing about the app I'm using is that I'm only doing the basic stuff. I'm not even on the 20min sessions yet. Simple 11-13min single sessions. Maybe I'm doing STRESS RELIEF one day, and the next day TRAVEL. And every time I do a certain number of sessions, I earn points to unlock others. Which is good, because they're showing how it's important not to try poses you're not ready for yet. Trust me, the pose may say feet over my head, and all they're gonna get is feet straight up. But, maybe one day, I'll get there and be flexible enough. I only do the pose to my comfort level, as should you.
I'm not saying get THIS app, but if you are wanting to FEEL BETTER TODAY, and not months from now, TRY YOGA. I LOVE IT!! I always thought it was for hippie-people. Ha! Eating my words. Here I was thinking the poses were SUPER RIDICULOUS. Wrong, again! And the cool thing is, even muscle-heads from the gym agree it's beneficial. I was talking to one over the weekend that said, "Yeah, yoga is no joke!"

1. Do you yoga?
2. Are you willing to try?

**Come back Friday when I'll be discussing when it's time to throw makeup away!!**


  1. I will give it a try. I have lower back pain too and would love to have that go away! Off to check out the app.

  2. Yoga is amazing for back pain, and posture, and all those things listed above. What got me hooked (and why I've been teaching for 14 years now!) Is because my first class was the first time ever I was able to quiet my mind. It was a total game changer for my life. I'm so glad it's helping you!

    1. That's awesome!!! I do remember you posting about yoga here and there. :>

  3. I love yoga! I have serious back and joint issues, and it helps. For beginners, I also suggest going to YouTube and entering 30 Day Yoga Challenge. There are multiple challenges available on there, and I think they're all about 10 minute videos doing the basics. Like the app, they focus on a different area, or stress relief/restorative, etc. My favorite yogi on there is Erin Mott whose username on there is Bad Yogi.

    And for people who want aerobics with their yoga, Yoga Booty Ballet has a series of videos with themes (Bollywood, hip hop, Latin, AM Latte).

    I have been bad about doing it lately. I should check out the app!

  4. Never tried yoga but I used to do T'ai chi religiously but have let it drop. That too should help one's aches and pains. Mind you, getting up and down from the floor would be a challenge for me.


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