Monday, October 10, 2016

Charts - Put them to work! #mondaymotivation

Have you noticed a decline of work ethic in the service industry lately? The last few times we've been out to eat or shop, there seems to be this unfriendly, put-upon attitude pervading the experience. Maybe it's just me.

Don't get me wrong, some of the younger generation are completely gung-ho workers and innovators, but others obviously don't want to be there or don't know what they're doing, so they give up trying. It makes me wonder if maybe some parents are so busy that they aren't making their kids do chores around the house which instill a sense of responsibility and a value and pride for getting work done. I know sometimes it's easier to do the chores yourself rather than monitor the kids to make sure it gets done right, buh-lieve me! But the time and aggravation are worth it in the long run. Here are a couple of my Lazy Housewife-isms...

Do a kid's chore, you get a lazy adult. Teach a kid a chore, you get a productive adult.

A little whining now equals a lot of thanks later.

So, to make assigning and keeping track of chores easier (which is what the Lazy Housewife does) I have a chart (I <3 charts!)

This first one is what I use. The top three chores rotate monthly. I mark a tally when they do a chore or enter an amount of money for specialty chores.

In the bottom section, I subtract any purchases they make from their allowance. At the end of a quarter, I add everything up and deposit most of what they make into savings, but also give them some spending money. It's visual and shows them the value of working and saving money if they want something big like cool new shoes. Sometimes they pool together for a new video game. I've been using this system for years with only minor adjustments.

For an added amount of responsibility, you could have them tally their chores themselves and even total up the money.

Here's a blank that's more versatile. You can let me know if you'd like the Excel file (makes totaling that much easier, if you know Excel) I know there are other templates out there online, too.

I know helping contribute to my family as a kid made me a better person - though I sure didn't know it at the time and hated my chores. But as I got older, I didn't mind so much and now I miss those times setting the table or doing dishes in the kitchen with my mom.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on chores & allowance. There's plenty of ways to work it!
Have a great week!


  1. My mother had a chart/calendar thing she used for a while. We only got fifty cents for every chore. I don't remember it lasting long, though. (Sorry, mom!)

    1. hey, you turned out great! she's gotta be proud =)

  2. I think your charts are an excellent idea. So many parents seem to give in to their kids rather than put up with any whining or anything else.I come across so many kids who are extremely badly behaved and of course I blame the parents. Sounds like you do a good job Tara.

    1. By the way, can I have a personalised badge please?

    2. aw, thanks, Jo!
      and I'd love to make you a badge. I'll email you

  3. My kids sure grumbled about chores when they were growing up, as well as about curfews and all of the rest of the things we enforced. But you're right... as adults, they DID thank us, and I'm pleased to say, they're pretty much raising their children the same way we raised them.

    The only thing I'm unsure about is the coupling of monetary rewards with doing assigned chores. I kinda like the idea of kids "doing their part" as a responsible family member... which means handling chores within their capabilities without expectation of financial gain for doing what it expected of them. Then again, paying them for jobs done could be turning them into little money-savvy entrepreneurs. :)

    1. what a great reward to have children be like you as parents! i hope someday i can say the same

      and im with you on not expecting money for everything - there are plenty of "just do it" chores not on the list =)

  4. Mine mow lawns for money. I think they make more than I do! Learning to work for what you get is always a good lesson.

  5. Mine mow lawns for money. I think they make more than I do! Learning to work for what you get is always a good lesson.


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