Friday, October 28, 2016

Makeup Expires? What??

A week ago, I bought some new matte lipsticks, and couldn't find room for them in my Caboodle. That's right. I said Caboodle. That 90's stellar invention for organizing things that I use to organize my makeup. But, I simply ran out of room.

The remedy? Remove old makeup.
this is clearly just the top of how much I threw out...
A bagful later, I really had to contemplate if I should get rid of the makeup. What if I need it for Halloween? What if I do another wedding? What if, what if? Then a thought came. What if all those times my lipstick smelled like oil, it had gone bad? What if when my lip gloss was more like lip goop, it was past it's prime? What if my eyeshadow from 15yrs ago was...expired?

I did some research and found out that IT DOES!! Holy crap, it does. More than we want to know, it does! I'm telling ya the skinny today on the facts about expired makeup! Some products will have a jar symbol with a numeral code, that's the number of months till they expire, but others you'll just never know unless you sharpie your buy date on them. And once air hits that now exposed makeup, ingredients start to oxidize and degrade. They expire. AND build bacteria up in the meantime. Ew!

1. Powder (eye shadows, bronzes, blushes, etc) - 2 years
2. Cream shadows/blushes - 12-18months
3. Liquid foundation - 6months
4. Oil-free foundation - 1 year
5. Cream compact foundation - 18months
6. Concealers - 12-18months
7. Lipstick/lip liner - 1-2years
8. Lip gloss - 18-24months
9. Pencil eyeliner - 2 years
10. Cream eyeliners - 6months
11. Liquid or gel eyeliner - 3months
12. Mascara - 3months

Remember how I said I've had some eyeshadows for 15years?? Wow. And yes, sometimes I used that smelly lipstick because I knew I couldn't find it again. And had mascara way beyond 3 months! The better idea, is to toss it, and HAVE A REASON to makeup shop for more!! Now, isn't that the better plan??

1. Were YOU aware makeup expired?
2. What do you think is your oldest makeup?

Thank you to everyone who came by to read from me this week!! If you missed it, Monday I discussed a new earring fade, and Wednesday I exposed an amazing workout with tons of health benefits.


  1. Yeah, I knew make-up had an expiration date, but the only thing I'm extra careful with is eye make-up. I don't think bacterial infections would do much to enhance the "beauty" of my eyes. :)

    The oldest stuff I have? Well, it isn't "exactly" make-up, but it's a glittery body make-up (Okay... so it IS sue me.) I bought from Frederick's of Hollywood maybe forty years ago. But, in my defense, I haven't actually USED it in years. Nowadays, it's best not to draw any more attention to my body than is absolutely necessary. :)

  2. A great week of useful beauty tips and advice thank you Tammy!! ( I think I need to go through my makeup drawer!)

    1. Amen! And it's going to be tough throwing stuff away!


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