Friday, June 24, 2016

the Love For Eyeshadow

I love eyeshadow! We, as women, hope that everyone looks us straight in the eye before they move on to our...assets. Hope being the word. And when they DO look us in the eye, eyeshadow can enhance our beautiful shape/color.

I have only a few, and they give me every look I need. Here are the tools:

1) basic, rarely used, but good for little corners
2) more brush, great for every use just about (sponge end used for inner eye corners sometimes)
3) narrow, but soft brush, one of my favs
4) no bristle, hard sponge, for under eye "smoking", not used too often
5) angle brush, great for under eyes and eyelid crease
6) wide fan brush good for blending
7) narrow fan brush good for blending smaller areas


1) eyeliner, pink shimmer cream applied with q-tip on all of eyelid and inner point of eyelid plus slightly along bottom left by point
2) black applied with brush sweeping in and stop halfway plus black liner on bottom inner eyelid
3) black shadow swept along under eye with angle brush


1) eyeliner, teal on lid, purple starting from top of wing to halfway on eyelid, brush upwards and over like a rainbow
2) add bottom inner eyelid eyeliner (which makes eyes smaller if left as is)
3) add purple under eye shadow with angle brush


SOFT EYES with white eyeliner
1) white eyeliner on top eyelid and bottom inner eyelid, blush on eyelid (yes, I said blush! Blush is a fantastic color, so use it! Plus, it'll match your...blush!)
2) white eyeliner on top eyelid and bottom inner eyelid, white eyeshadow inner eyelid, dark grey sweeping in from outside to halfway of eyelid (I just sneezed before taking this pic and you can totally tell!)
3) SAME look as 2 but later in the day, so I reapplied all the whites and left the grey alone, so the grey wasn't the focus anymore :)

1) eyeliner, shimmer grey on inner eyelid, dark grey sweeping in to halfway
2) added eyeliner to both top/bottom inner eyelid, black shadow to under eye, shimmer grey to eye point and a touch on under eye, darkened the dark grey with a bit of black
3) blended upwards just a touch with blending brush


1) eyeliner (bam!)
2) added shimmer brown to inner eyelid, brown to outer eyelid and up, dark brown to crease from halfway point on out, shimmer brown on under eye, liner to top/bottom inner eyelid
3) blend the side up

1-top left, 2-bottom left, 3-top right, 4-bottom right
1) eyeliner, medium brown on lid, light on outer lid, dark along crease, light along under eye
2) eyeliner, eyeliner on bottom inner eyelid, grey shimmer inner eyelid, blue on outer
3) eyeliner, light purple on inner, darker on outer, shimmer dabbed in middle
4) eyeliner, pink on inner, grey on outer, black on inner crease sweeping out

1-top left, 2-bottom left, 3-top right, 4-bottom right
1) eyeliner, pink shadow, white liner on bottom inner eyelid (simple!)
2) eyeliner, brown shimmer on inner eyelid, light brown on outer eyelid
3) eyeliner, grey shimmer on inner and up, grey on outer, grey shimmer under eye, white liner on inner eyelid
4) eyeliner, top/bottom inner eyelid eyeliner, white shimmer on inner eyelid, black lightly brushed from 3/4 in on out in rainbow arch, black shadow under eye

NOW, a couple tips: have fun, have lots of fun, explore, try things out, dabble!!

I hope this was helpful. There are tons of thousands of ways to do eyeshadow. It's all practice and applying. I remember doing makeovers for my friends during High School before we went out at night. I've been practicing blending and seeing the curve in the eye and when to stop and start another color for years, but I can ALWAYS use new tips. I love seeing tutorials, too, just to watch how amazing people are!

Remember how I said to have some fun??? Do you want to see what fun looks like for me?? Ok, so I like costume makeup, too. Imagine that! So here's some looks I did. I want you first to see me with no makeup. Completely bare. This was before I went to the beach. Ready??

1) fresh face, no makeup
2) femme fatal (normal look, not scowling; it's all in the lines I created w powders/bronzers)
3) robotic woman burning back to robotic roots (done with eyeliner and eyeshadow only)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and making your eyes the beauty of the show with me this week! You can find me on *my Instagram account* adding makeup pics once in a while! Well...See ya next time!


  1. you're truly amazing! i wish i had your confidence! beautiful stuff. especially love the robotic exposed face! you have talent, lady =)

  2. Lots of good looks here! Sure beats the heck out of the period in the seventies where everybody smeared on blue shadow, no matter what they were wearing, eye color, or eye shape. It was not a good one-size-fits-all look. Um, doesn't mean I didn't DO it... I'm just saying it looked like crap. :)

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