Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Road trips - Don't forget the food

If you're going to eat, you're going to want a drink, right little mouse? And that means you'll have to stop, probably before you want to... so factor that time into your itinerary. Here's my advice for food on a road trip:
  • Sometimes snacks are good diversions on a road trip in themselves.
  • A small, soft-sided cooler comes in handy for drinks, the healthy refridgerated snacks, and those unexpected delays
  • Snacks will tide kids (or you) over until you're ready to stop in twenty more miles at the better exit
  • When picking/packing snacks - individual servings are best and I use ziplock bags to make individual servings
  • Raid the pantry & fridge - the stuff is going to go bad while you're gone anyway, so bring it! This is also a great time for CREATIVE TRAIL MIX
    • Take the last bowls of cereal from the boxes the kids think are empty and won't finish
    • Use the remnants of crackers, popcorn, pretzels, chips, cookies, even granola bars - just break them up, use what you have!
    • That's the beauty of Trail Mix - it doesn't really have to go together because none of the pieces lose their flavor so picky eaters can pick out what they like!
    • And if you want to make above healthier, throw in some granola, raisins, or nuts
  • Bringing healthy snacks is super smart - they have limited options in the car (and hotel) - if they're hungry, they'll eventually eat the healthy stuff!
  • Pack drinks w/lids - nuff said
  • Don't give kids easy access to snacks and drinks or you'll be stopping every thirty minutes. Take heart - they're bladders do get bigger as they grow and so do their appetites, but so does the ability to suppress it - trips have become quite easy with teens. (one thing in their favor!)
Well, I hope this helps on your next road trip!
What do you recommend for road trip snacks?


  1. I've only ever done road trips with dogs and cats, but I find the same basic principles apply. :)

  2. Fantastic suggestions! I do the trail mix thing. I like to put yogurt covered raisins in it and sometimes chocolate chips.

    1. yay for chocolate - and sweet/salty is a great mix!

  3. I like the idea of seperating into serving sized bags. I am so bad about mindless eating when bored. At least that way, when I get to the bottom, it's only of a small bag of goodies!

  4. I couldn't read this because the print is spread all over the page and over the dark pattern.

    1. i wonder what happened? Sorry it didn't come out right for you! i'd like to help, but mine works fine on all my devices (i checked phone and ipad and computer) if you still have the problem tomorrow or later, let me know! sometimes reloading or turning your device on/off helps...

  5. I couldn't read this because the print is spread all over the page and over the dark pattern.

    1. You are right, that did work Tara. Same with me, dogs only.

    2. Hey Jo, I also fixed the link on facebook - thanks for letting me know!


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