Monday, June 20, 2016

The ABC's of Eyeliner!

How silly of me would it be to just get right into applying eyeliner without telling you the simple facts, or really THIS girl's opinions, on eyeliner! So, I'm going to show you first my CRAZY COLLECTION of eyeliners. (Funny thing, I showed my friend this pic and she was freaked out considering she has only one. ONE? For shame!)

Here are "just a few" ways eyeliner presents itself:

~~~From top to bottom, this is their name, and my honest opinion of them~~~
1) CREAM: messy at first till you get it down, take your time, bad thing is it will leave a crease mark on your inner eyelid by midday if your line is thick
2) LIQUID BRUSH: this was my dear friend for many reasons; it's bold, but it took practice because liquid is unforgiving; great for thick bold lines
3) LIQUID POINT: this turned into my newer dear friend; it's bold and easier than the brush due to it's point; although if you want a thicker look, you have to do several lines
4) RETRACTABLE LINER: want a soft look, this is the one; a little bolder than a pencil, however leaves a faint line on inner eyelid by midday; no sharpening needed!
5) REGULAR PENCIL LINER: the old go-to; quick, easy, forgivable, soft; this is also fab to use when learning to use liquid; start with a pencil line then go over with liquid
6) GRAPHIC MARKER LINER: oh my gosh my new friend; bold, easy, has thick angle or turn to tip and you have your lines thinned; fades a touch by midday though
7) LIQUID LINER PEN/MARKER: where's my emoji mad face? has to be angled on it's side, meaning one eye good, the other is harder to get plus the tip is too faint to see

And now, would you like to see how they look when applied? Notice the consistency. Some have a more crayon look, while others a bold one. Some take a while to get, and some super quick!

Keep in mind, there are a few eyeliners I haven't listed or tried.
I think I have ENOUGH arsenal for now, don't you??
Here are a couple tips on eyeliners as well:
buy stock in Q-tips, practice makes you better, no two lines will be the exact same on each eye unless you're genius status but they'll look pretty darn close, take your time or you'll flub it all up, don't be afraid to be crazy and up your angles/length for fun, trial and error to see what liners you like, venture out and find some fun colors other than black (I have white, brown, green, blue...). Best tip: HAVE FUN!

Come back Wednesday! I'm going to give you the "recipe", with step-by-step pics, of creating WINGS!!! Here's a sneak peek of one of the wings we'll learn to do!

"See" you then!


  1. Gosh, it's been ages since I was last able to play around with eyeliner. (I can only use gluten-free cosmetics now, which is limited and pricey.) I was aware of some of the different types out there, but definitely not this many. Love seeing a visual breakdown of them!

  2. That's quite an arsenal. I've been making wings on my eyes for a bazillion years; it'll be interesting to see what I've been doing wrong. :)

  3. I play it safe with the retractable liner. I tried the liquid once, but ended up looking like Elvira.

  4. love it!! ive always avoided it bcause i didnt know what i was doing!

  5. Ooh, this is going to be great. I love wings!


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