Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eyeliner Tutorial!

As you all may know, I've received a lot of requests for help with doing eyeliners. I love exploring eyeliner and finding neat tricks, quick tricks, and just having fun with it. I'm no expert, but I have been doing it since I was 16, and now I'm 17 (give or take over 15 years), and can show you how I apply my eyeliner through pics!

There are tons of ways of doing it, but I find this way to be a great beginners start. Many like to start from the far outside, and bring in, but that takes practice. So how about an easier way?? Also, each step can be it's own look. I'll say that many times in each list. (please excuse my lighting.) Ready?

1. smooth eyelid by pulling to side
2. make a small line from outer edge to halfway point of eyelid
3. take outer line and move outward just a touch (look on it's own)
4. take the top point, and connect it back down to the halfway of your eyelid, fill in space, if any, with liner (color it in), making it slightly thicker

See? Simple line. Nothing too fancy! Now, how about we go bolder!!

1. go from halfway point from prior, and bring your line down to inner eyelid
2. clean up line as needed
3. waa-laa!!
Now, even BOLDER!!!

1. draw your wing out to the side a touch more (look on it's own) 
2. add a little up curve on the tip (look on it's own)
3. take the curve and connect it to the halfway point of your eyelid and color in if needed 

Now, let's do a lower eye liner look!
1. same as before, pull the eyelid to smooth skin, and create your line, BUT this time, draw from the bottom of the outer eyelid and straight out (look on own)
2. draw straight out a touch more, and curve upward for a nice touch

How about another way to get that BOLDER look!

1. start with your basic line, then add an upper line, making two wings. (you can leave as is for a new look on it's own!)
2. finish the line all the way from the halfway eyelid point to the inner eye, but go all the way down a touch more (look on it's own)
3. connect the two wings by bringing the bottom up and out a touch in an up curve, and the top out to meet it, then go straight across to the halfway point of the eyelid to align, color in any gaps
Here is the final look IF I were to do all the way from inner eye to outer eye.
You don't have to! That's the fun of it. You can stop at any "point".
On the left eye is the upper wing. Right eye is the lower wing.
You may think they're the same height, but run your finger across the screen.
They're not!
And remember how I said no two wings are EXACTLY the same all the time? Here's proof! They look so much alike, but they're not quite identical, but it's hard to tell!
Come back Friday, I'm going to show you some eye shadow fun.
Plus some day to night looks with a quick color transition!

 "See" you then...with this look!


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