Friday, June 17, 2016

#roadtrip - #TopTen sights to behold

On the road again.

One positive thing about technology on a road trip:
It entertains and makes the trip not seem so long. 
One negative thing about technology on a road trip:
Kids don't really see the real world anymore.


As the driver, I see it all. So here are 10 things I've seen while driving through the countryside:

  1. countless cornfields and livestock
  2. cemeteries
  3. real red barns (counted 25 on one trip!)
  4. actual scarecrows
  5. eclectic antique shacks
  6. a down home chicken broil
  7. beautiful windy roads of rural 'merica
  8. wildlife - some still alive, but lots of dead deer =(
  9. state parks and area museums
  10. unique eating establishments

And despite the slow-downs of inevitable road construction here are some positive things to help make it less stressful:
  • Plan on it - add extra travel time, it's okay to be early if you don't have traffic!
  • If you're at a stand still, you can catch up on email, social sites, but don't ever device and drive!
  • Roads will be improved, eventually
  • People are working - job creation... it's an endless cycle!
  • It's a good time to give a life lesson on patience to your kids =)
What have you seen in your travels? Got any advice or road trip stories to share?
Wherever you go - wishing you happy and safe travels this summer!


  1. I'm a total looky-loo on road trips. I love just watching out the window. It's fun to play those car games like traffic sign bingo and various license plate games.

    One of the weirdest wildlife sights I've seen was in Michigan along a highway road I call "Snapping Turtle Stretch." We went through during mating season once, and the road was crowded with huge turtles. The males travel from pond to pond to mate with as many females as they can.

    1. yes, love the car games! wow! turtles?? that would be a sight!

  2. Ghost towns!!! We grew up going to them every trip. Loved it!

    1. i've always wanted to see a ghost town, the closest we came was Oatman, AZ on Route 66, not a ghost town, but an old west town where donkeys roam free!

    2. In WV, every town is a ghost town after midnight. Hehe. Just joking...we're not quite that boring.

  3. My sister and I always counted red barns whenever we were road-tripping. We had a little song we would sing whenever we found one, too.

    Another trip, we counting the number of duffle bags we found on the side of the road between Maine and North Carolina. There were a lot.

    1. i'd love to hear that song! and duffle bags? how odd and disconcerting, wonder what was in them...?

  4. My kids will look up from devices and movies to play the road alphabet game, where the challenge is to get all the letters of the alphabet from road signs. But it almost always ends in a fight over the rules and nuances of the game, and then I will tell them to just watch a movie. LOL.

    Maybe I should write a manual on the rules, so there is no more arguing...

    1. we fought over rules too
      boys are so competitive!

  5. My son used to entertain us with all the things he spied from the back seat while we were on road trips. I was always amazed at his young perspective. He saw things I totally missed.

  6. aw! i spy! yes they have a wonderful view. we adults need to really look at the scenery too!


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