Friday, November 13, 2015

It's Football Time

As a mom of four boys, I do a lot of football watching. From August to January, football is what's happening in the Seckman house.

Whether it's live football at the stadium, fantasy football online, or games on TV and the subsequent moderator chit chat of what they just is a 24/7 sort of habit.

I wasn't always a fan of football, but I decided I wasn't ever going to beat them, so I may as well join them. So after years of the football life, I have a few survival tips.

*Sleeping bags for cold winter nights in the stadium. Yup, just your standard sleeping bag. It's so much better than a blanket. You can stand up, cheer, sit down...all within the confines of your toasty warm cocoon.

*Cheap/clear rain ponchos from the discount stores deflect rain and still allow you to show off your team pride.

*Cheap and easy noise maker? Drop pennies in a milk jug and use it as a shaker. Be sure to duct tape the lid on. I once blew my cap in my excitement...pennies everywhere.

*When it's cold, rainy, or snowy- forget fashion. Go hoods up, hats on and add as many layers as you need. One of the great things about football season is that men are too distracted by the action on the field to care about anything else.

*Invest in a water proof bag. My football purse is water resistant and big enough to hold the camera.

*Water proof shoes. No matter how dry your body is, if the tootsies get cold, you're cold.

*Warm boots. When the season goes from rainy to snowy, it's time to switch footwear.

*Learn the game. Here's a football for Dummies website. It's a complicated game. Knowing the rules makes it more fun.

But if you can't, or don't want to learn it...there's other interesting ways to enjoy football. You don't have to know anything about the game to participate. There is more than one way to pick a winning team!

Next thing you know, it will be Superbowl Season...and we'll have the snacks and commercials to look forward to.


  1. I assume you mean the ponchos deflect the rain Liz. Typo there. I understood football once when I went to a superbowl party and had it explained as it went along. Forgot it all shortly after though. Good luck to your team.

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