Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Tips for Surviving Cyber Monday

A TV worth braining Granny for in the UK last year.
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Did everyone survive Black Friday? If you're reading this, I'm assuming you haven't fallen to the zombie hordes during a fight over portable electronics or accessories.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who made it out alive (and with some remnants of currency left in your pocketbook), then you're probably already embarking on the joy and terror that is... *enter Rod Serling impersonater* CYBER MONDAY.

Even though you'll be doing it from the relative safety of your a computer screen at work or at home (possibly even in your jammies and you lucky SOBs know who you are), there are still plenty of perils to be avoided and on this spendiest of weekends. The biggest of those perils is too often overspending. Just because it saves you $100 now doesn't mean you really NEEDED that combination Roomba/Coffee Maker/Wine Decanter, right? So here are some quick tips to help get you through Cyber Monday with sanity AND money intact:

1. BUTCHER THE HELL OUT OF YOUR LISTS. Make lists, check them twice, then ditch anything you don't really need. Now think about everything you just hauled off to Goodwill during your last cabinet and attic raid and remember how excited you were to get those gadgets on sale. NOW go through the list again and try to imagine how long before you shove this year's gadget of your dreams to the attic... and then to the Goodwill pile.

2. STAY ON TASK. Those ads, those beautiful colors, the flashing lights... all telling you how much you need this multi-function foosball/ping-pong/air hockey/puzzle table to reinvigorate your family game nights. Ooooh! Or this at-home soda maker with healthy and all natural additives, and some nearly natural colors. DON'T GET DISTRACTED *whiplash*. If you go into your Cyber Monday shopping knowing that you need a Star Wars present for little Becky, vacuum for Mom, or to replace your threadbare towels in the guest bathroom, stick to it. No buts, just do it.

Edina and Patsy are fabulous, but
probably poor choices.
3. DON'T SHOP ALONE. There's no shame in admitting it - it's hard to police ourselves. If nobody sees us cheating on our diet, or splurging on that little item, it doesn't count, right? Wrong. And we know it. That's why this tip is true for every day of the year - don't even go to the grocery without a watchful eye if you can help it.

4. PICK A RESPONSIBLE SHOPPING BUDDY. It should go without saying, but make sure that the person you choose to help keep you honest this shopping season isn't a shopaholic fashionista in faux-Target slacks.

And last, but not least...

5. DON'T SHOP HUNGRY. Did you think that was just for grocery shopping? Heck no. As any Snickers commercial will tell you - hunger makes you crazy. At the very least, hunger can make you rush decisions and react more negatively to situations that normally wouldn't ruffle you, like when the website inevitably crashes and makes you start over just as you're buying the shopping cart you painstakingly filled. (ah, technology...) Make sure you start your Cyber Monday on a full and happy stomach, otherwise you'll be adding a monitor to your list to replace the one you just threw out the window.

Until next time - HAPPY SHOPPING!


  1. awesome advice! esp that last!
    and dont shop when stressed!

    happy shopping!

    1. For me, the shopping IS what stresses me. I like hiding behind my screen! :-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. My house is so cluttered, I was approaching this shopping season with that in mind. My trouble will come the last week of the season when I look at the tree and worry it's unimpressive. Might I call you ladies for a life line then?

    But you're so right. A sale is not a bargain if you have no need for it. I was in the store yesterday and they had Thanksgiving table cloths for $2.00. I was lured in, but then I thought 1) I rarely use a table cloth 2) I didn't even get out my Thanksgiving decorations this year.

    You'll be proud to know, I walked away.

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