Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weary and dreary

I'm proud to say I was born in Plymouth, Mass. So Thanksgiving has a special place for me. As a kid, I visited the Rock (the original Rock) many times on field trips.

We know the story, but do you know what the pilgrims really went through? The voyage across the Atlantic Ocean took 66 days - Over two months at sea!! And imagine the storms they encountered toward the end of hurricane season (September & October). And with all those people crammed on the Mayflower, ew! That would make a great Survivor - living on a boat for 39 days!

Very determined people! I admire and respect them so much more when I think of what they went through.

And once they finally landed, it took them another month to decide where to settle - they chose Plymouth on December 25th. How bout that!

All we have to do is endure our relatives and try not to overeat! Be thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(For more about the Mayflower crossing, here's my Source)


  1. I was so disappointed when I saw the rock. I had always assumed it was a headland or something.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. In Texas, we think Thanksgiving started on the gulf coast ;)

  3. In Texas, we think Thanksgiving started on the gulf coast ;)

  4. yes, The rock is a little disappointing...

    well Texas just thinks that everything started there don't they! ha!

    yes Lee tough indeed!


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