Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm glad I wasn't a pilgrim

Those pilgrims were tough people. They made a horrendous ocean crossing, then built their homes, suffered horrible new diseases, and finally survived a grueling winter. Their numbers dwindled, but many survived. And here we are!

But those early settlers were also inventors - we are always searching for a way to make life easier and solve life's problems! Check out these gadgets I saw at a museum this summer, from games and entertainment to clothes washing and cooking... each new generation wants to do it better!


I can't remember what some of this stuff was, but it was so cool to see it all. I can just hear the grandma of these inventing pioneers, "In my day, we washed our clothes on rocks at the stream."

I doubt I would've been tough enough to survive. I can't imagine living without electricity or plumbing. Heck, I can't imagine living without a dishwasher. I despise cooking and cleaning as it is - I'd never be able to kill a chicken, pluck the feathers, and butcher it for dinner! Ack!

But then again, I probably would've been fine not knowing what I was missing. Just like I don't know what I'm missing in the future - What will they think of next??

What could you "not live without?"
Happy Monday!


  1. You would have been fine, as you say, you wouldn't have known any different. Have you ever seen the Mayflower? It was very small for all the people who came over - the conditions on the ship were terrible.

  2. yes! and for 2 months! no privacy! i'd go insane! brave sturdy people, thats what americans are made of

  3. I'd never make it without my coffee pot. :)
    I love seeing stuff like this!

  4. I might be fine if I had books, but books were expensive!

  5. Some days I think I couldn't live without Netflix. But in reality, I think the hot water heater is what I couldn't do without. Even with the heat on, my furry socks, space heaters... I STILL freeze in the winter and nothing will fix it better than a hot bath :-)

  6. coffee & books are timeless essentials!
    and ash, your hot bath reminds me of the tubs they used to fill in the middle of a room, also a timeless necessity!

    thanks for stopping by!

  7. How cold was that stream, do you think? Wonder if my lingerie would hold up with a good wash on a rock?


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