Friday, November 27, 2015

Surviving the next month...

I wish I could just enjoy Thanksgiving without having to worry about Christmas right around the corner. I feel worse every year for cutting back on the shopping and cards and decorating... but there just doesn't seem to be enough time for it all!

And the stores aren't helping. "Come in on turkey day," some of them say. "Spend less time with family and spend your money here!" And the only way to stop them is to not shop. But some folks just can't resist the deals. My poor holiday is going under!

Black Friday is also scary. I know some folks who have come away with great deals, I myself have joined a relative for one special item or two and I'd rather avoid it. The hectic hustle and bustle sort of taints the "meaning of Christmas" and sours the gift giving, for me. But I know some people love it - and it's part of their holiday tradition. More power to them =)

Cyber Monday - okay, good. I'll take those deals. But I fear one of these years all that data exchange is going to drown the internet! And then where will we be? Ah!

Here's my advice to have a less stressful holiday season (which I intend to do every year, but usually get sidetracked)
  • START EARLIER - I know it goes against the natural order to start thinking about Xmas in September, but we don't have to say it. Just buy a little at a time and put it to the side, like a secret squirrel. Sometimes this can backfire and you overbuy, so keep a list and check it twice (ho ho)
  • MARK YOUR CALENDAR - I really need to pick goal dates to have things done by - gift buying, decorating outside, decorating inside, wrapping, and especially putting together and mailing the Xmas cards! Can you believe I already got one? Eesh!
  • REMINDERS - I have a ton of things I'd like to do in December that I always forget about - crafts with my boys, caroling, visiting a shelter, seeing the Nutcracker, ice skating... I need to set reminders on my phone.
  • MAKE IT FUN - last year, my boys helped me decorate the tree like it was a time-consuming chore. I was so sad! This year, I'm going to spice it up. I'm going to put the tree near the TV and add some Christmas cheer with a movie and treats - I might even add a competition angle for them. Hopefully they will be a little more spirited!
How do you make it from Thanksgiving to Christmas? Or whatever holiday you enjoy in these cold winter months? As for my friends on the warmer side of the globe - I wish I was there! Ha ha ho ho!

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  1. Getting others in the family to help is a great idea. Now if I only can figure out how to do that!


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