Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tasty Trick or Treats

Tammy's back!!! And we're lucky to have her. Tammy is all sorts of fun and awesomeness. If you're not following her blog, well, that's just not smart. Go follow...HERE

I think Halloween treats have been kicked to the curb compared to Thanksgiving and the show-off Christmas. Plus, since this year my little nephews are here and they're used to Disneyworld's Halloween antics, I have to make the food super creepy good! Therefore, Pinterest was smokin' with all my research. Wanna see my menu idea?? Take a look. IF YOU DARE!!!

  *Donuts made with plastic fangs and chocolate chips.
  *Bloody fingers made by slicing a finger nail and several lines for finger                                                  creases out of a hot dog; add ketchup for blood.
  *Mummy hot dogs made with cheese wrapped around the hot dog by cut                                                up crescent roll dough.

*Pumpkin barf made from guacamole; pair with chips.
*Spider eggs made from hor d'oeuvres with olive slices and whole olives.

 *Zombie head is made from meatloaf with onion eyes/teeth and bacon on top.
 * Zombie body is chicken legs, thighs, sausage, hotdogs, etc.

*Popcorn hand made with popcorn and candy corn for nails in plastic glove; 
      pair with spider ring.
*Pumpkin made from dyed rice krispie treats and tootsie roll stem.

1. Do you have any favorite Halloween treats?
2. Think you'll try any of these creepy foods?
3. Ever mix candy corn and peanuts? (So good!)

Tammy is a really real housewife...after trying to sleep in, hit snooze 3 times, rush 4 kids to school, go to work, come home to cook, clean little messes here and there, run kids to functions, swap laundry, work on current book, and kiss heavily on my man. Then...and only then, does she claim her housewife queen crown...which slides off as she falls asleep with book in hand. 


  1. Ooooo, that pumpkin barf and zombie entree ROCK!

  2. I especially like the pumpkin barf treat; that's so funny! And I like the donuts too, though the fangs are kind of scary. :) The only concession I made to Halloween was buying a couple bags of candy for trick-or-treaters, though I kind of want to keep all the candy for myself.

  3. I love all of these!
    I've always wanted to have an epic Halloween party!
    Maybe when I'm famous!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Tam-bare,

    You didn't say please would I come and visit here, so consider yourself lucky I got here!

    Just seeing your adorable face is a Halloween treat all by itself! :)

    Bye, Tam-bare....

  5. Those look awesome! I like the monster donuts. I've tried to do a few things off of Pinterest, but I always manage fails! *LOL* I just buy my treats already made. My favorite treat is buying Halloween candy 50% off the day after Halloween!

  6. LOL, those monster donuts are so cute! I mean...scary. Scary is totally what I meant to say... XD


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