Monday, October 19, 2015


"The players may have changed but the game remains the same." - Name that movie!

We really real women have to deal with a lot. And change happens all the time. But you know what we do with change? We go with the flow. Problems come our way? We deal with it! We do what we can with what we have. We prioritize and get things done and eliminate what we just can't do. That's how life is.

Our wonderful friend Beth wanted to be with us as a permanent hostess, but life is just too busy for her right now. We get it. Any time things get too hectic, don't be afraid to speak up! Real women understand, we've been there. It's okay.

Liz and I are determined in our drive to spread happiness through helping others with tips and laughter. We will carry on. And lo and behold, we had a newly made really real housewife volunteer to join us (she also just got married!)

I give you out newest Really Real Housewife:

Ashley Chappell-Peeples!
the Nerdy Housewife
(every home needs one)

Besides being an author and NASA nerd in Huntsville, AL, Ashley Chappell is an avid lover of nature who enjoys climbing, camping, hiking and sailing with her husband. Her favorite visitors are dragonflies. And though she's not the most social of people, she believes peanut butter should always be consumed with a spoon straight from the jar, beer should always be dark and frothy, and pizza is best served with copious amounts of hot sauce.

Ashley's links: facebook - twitter - blog

She's nerdilicious! She'll make your eyes roll faster than you can say Star Wars. We love this girl!! And we'll let her tell you all more about her in her first week of posts... (debuts Nov 2) Wait till you hear about her house!

Plus we have all sorts of guest posters coming up along with our regular segments... See how things work out?

Lemonade, people - make some!


  1. It's me, it's me!!!! Thank you for the stellar intro, Tara - I'm glad to be onboard! *fist bumps for everyone*

  2. Welcome Ashley. Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Thank you, Jo! I'm looking forward to posting next week :-)

    2. Thank you, Jo! I'm looking forward to posting next week :-)

  3. Welcome Ashley!!! Can't wait for people to meet the most awesome nerd girl I know!


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