Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Annalisa’s Mum’s Cheesecake

I love desserts. We don’t have them every day, but my evening meal always feels a bit lost without one. So today I’m going to share my mum’s recipe with you. It’s a perfect dessert to make with kids, because it requires a lot of mashing, smashing and mixing, and no cooking.

Serves 8-12 and has approx. 280 calories for a one-eighth slice.
Ingredients:  *American equivalent below*
170g digestive biscuits (or, apparently, graham crackers/animal crackers)

85g butter (I think you might need more if using graham crackers)
400g reduced/low fat cream cheese
285g non-fat Greek yoghurt
28g sugar
200g strawberries/raspberries/blueberries (for the authentic Annalisa’s mum’s version, use tinned black cherry pie filling - it was the 80s, after all)
1.       Mash up the digestive biscuits/graham crackers into crumbs
2.       Heat the butter and mix into the crushed biscuits
3.       Put the mixture into a baking tin—preferably a 10” round tin (greased and prepared the usual way)
4.       Blend the cream cheese, yoghurt and sugar together and pour over the biscuit base
5.       Mash/slice/arrange nicely the fruit of your choosing and smooth over the top
6.       Refrigerate for at least a couple of hours (preferably overnight for the cheesecake to set fully).
7.       Lick out the bowl J (Why do recipes omit this very important step, I wonder?)


Oh, and if you fancy a laugh, pop over to my blog today to read the behind-the-scenes exclusive on the whole cheesecake fiasco…

*Let's pause a moment and Americanize that recipe:
(Now, let me just say- I did this ciphering myself, and as a writer, I've never been accused of being good at math. If these numbers seem insane, they most likely are. Use conversion at your own risk!)

170 grams of digestive biscuits (or graham crackers/animal crackers) = 2 Cups 
85 grams of butter = 1/3-1/2 Cup
400 grams cream cheese = 2 cups 
285 grams of yoghurt (or yogurt) = 1 Cup
28 grams sugar = 2 tbs. 
200 grams of fruit = enough fruit to cover the top...come on, wing it!

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Besides being a pro at getting healthy, Annalisa Crawford is a multi-published author of literary fiction and dark, psychological suspense. She lives near the beach in Cornwall, UK with her musician husband, her two boys, and some furry critters. Check out Annalisa's work HERE.


  1. Impressed with the conversions, Liz. Does no one use scales in America - is it really all cups?

    1. Scales? Americans loathe scales! Yes, we use all cups and spoons.

  2. fabulous recipe and way to go converting, Liz!! it was wonderful going international this week!

    1. I hope it's accurate. Should have had the math teacher housewife do it! LOL

  3. Did you know that the metric system has been the "official" measuring system in the USA since the 1960s? Ha! Tell that to the Americans! Stubborn they are. Okay, now I'm going back to read "the rest of the story!"

    1. Really? Yeah, you'd never know it. We are stubborn. When we set our minds to something, it's done. (Must see the good side of us, right?)

    2. Most Brits use a mixture of metric and imperial measurements, even though metric has been official for around the same time. No one is going to take our pints and lbs away from us!


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