Friday, October 2, 2015


When the spooks have a midnight Jamboree
They break it up with fiendish glee
Ghosts are bad, but the one that's cursed
It's the Headless Horseman, he's the worst


So when you're riding home tonight
Make for the bridge with all your might
He'll be down in the hollow there
He needs your head, look out, beware

With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop
He's out looking for a head to swap
So don't try to figure out a plan
You can't reason with a headless man

Lyrics borrowed from The Headless Horseman song from Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow cartoon

This is one of my all time favorite Disney cartoons - so fun to watch at Halloween, and scary! Plus Bing Crosby narrates and sings - awesome nostalgia!

To wrap up the week, I'm sharing one of my kid's pumpkin crafts... turns out you can make a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern out of just about anything!

This lovely pumpkin is made from orange cloth wrapped around a full roll of toilet paper. The stem is brown construction paper folded and rolled up. Ta daa!

And check out this cool carved pumpkin trailer from BH&G...

But wait - stop by Marcy Hatch's Mainewords. They have an awesome pumpkin carving fair and she treats us to some great shots of them! Check these pumpkins out from a couple years ago.

People get more creative every year with their carvings. Minions are prevalent again this year. And I love carving - usually mascots from my boys' favorite teams... What jack-o's have you seen?

Happy October!


  1. Not seen any yet. I find pumpkins hard to cut into anyway. I am talking for cooking purposes not Hallowe'en.

  2. I was so afraid of that cartoon as a kid.

    You can use a brown lunch bag to make a pumpkin also. Paint it orange, stuff if with crumpled paper, and then tie a string around the top to make a handle. They're really cute too!

  3. Jo, i havent seen any excpt on facebook or in magazines yet but im ready to carve!!

    liz, i have one of those too, and an orange sock too!


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