Friday, October 30, 2015

Eerie Entertainment!

Who doesn't love lists? Now, what if I told you I had a list of things that included PICTURES?? Anyone cheering?
While looking up all things Halloween, I was thoroughly enjoying flashbacks as I perused the lists that Halloween had to offer. From movies, books, to things to do, I was in listing heaven. Some things on the list I have done, read, seen, and some I'm marking "to-do".

BUT WAIT! Shouldn't there be a list of things to do?? Things I MUST do?? Yes! Yes there is!

My Fav (any season) movie wasn't listed, nor was my fav horror book... so I here they are!

1. What's your fav movie during Halloween?
2. Ever read any of those spooky books?
3. Wanna cuddle to a horror movie? I meant with Freddy Krueger.

We'd like to give a standing O to Tammy for taking over this week. She did a fantastic job! Thanks, Tammy! We hope you'll come back soon!

Tammy's a really real housewife...after trying to sleep in, hit snooze 3 times, rush 4 kids to school, go to work, come home to cook, clean little messes here and there, run kids to functions, swap laundry, work on current book, and kiss heavily on her man. Then...and only then, does she finally claim her title. *falls asleep with book in hand*


  1. Not a Hallowe'en person. Guess it's because we never celebrated it when I lived in the UK. Nor do I much like scary movies and books any more. Had my fill of those as a young woman. Sorry.

  2. Love me some spooky books and movies! I've been watching my paranormal shows all month. Hotel Transylvania is my son's current favorite film. We saw #2 at the theatre earlier this month and he wants to be Dennis all the time!

    1. I'm seeing that tonight!!! Can't wait. Doing it at the drive-in

  3. Very nice post.really I apperciate your blog.Thanks for sharing.keep sharing more blogs.



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