Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter Break Activities!

Oh no. School's out for two weeks! Time to entertain the kids - or let them play on their electronic brain-scramblers. Unfortunately both of those options are not good!

Here are some suggestions to keep those little brains active over the break:

  • Crafts - you can find many easy Christmas/Winter crafts in magazines and online
  • Volunteer - most kids don't have any idea that others are suffering in the world. We need to show them how good they have it and that we need to give back.
  • Read! - Any time is a good time to read.
  • Help Decorate - also a nice time to reminisce when the old decorations they made as little ones come out, especially the ones with their cute little faces on them.
  • Help Bake - always fun and they get to lick the bowl.
  • Help Clean - not fun, but necessary and they should earn their screen time!
  • Play board games - I love playing board and card games. Lots of laughter and good times.
  • Family movie nights - cozy, cocoa, cookies, and camaraderie.
  • Hide the Pickle - a tradition to find the pickle on the tree each day, friendly competition, ha!
  • Make a movie - my boys get wild creative hairs once in a while and want to record their inventiveness... dummies on film to enjoy in perpetuity. Harmless hilarity.
  • Thank yous - make sure they thank their relatives for gifts!

We are all open to suggestions if you have any to add! Keeping it merry and bright!


  1. Great ideas. I'll be taking my son to the humane society. We go just to pet the cats for a while and share some love with them!!!

    1. Aww. And I love pet days at petsmart. wish we could take some home!

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  3. My kids loved making movies when they were kids. They are total treasures now!


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