Friday, December 4, 2015

What a Wookie!

Confession time -

I could have given you the countdown to the release date of Episode VII at any time in the past several months. The days to Christmas? Not so much. I guess you can see where my priorities lie. (One hint: The answer is always Star Wars)

So as soon as we got our tickets, my most pressing concern has been WHAT DO I WEAR TO THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE ENTIRE YEAR???? (Only my wedding keeps it from being the most important event of my decade)

Lucky for me, Target helped me make that decision tonight, and I have never been happier. Or furrier, for that matter. I probably won't be the only one, but be on the look out this Wookie at the theater release of The Force Awakens!!

Please ignore my filthy mirrors. Finding the perfect Chewbacca onesie was waaaay more important than cleaning.

Who else is dying for Star Wars?


  1. awesome costume!!!
    very excited! and loving jimmy fallon interviewing the stars!

  2. You're such a pretty wookie!!

    We have our presale tickets tucked safely under the tree. (Not really, they're in my purse, but it's the holiday season...I thought a little Jingle All the Way humor was fitting!)


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