Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Keeper

Why don't we all dress up in matching jammies
for the family photo?
Unlike some family traditions that may be too far from conventional to make part of your holiday...this one is a keeper for sure!

No, not the jammie family photo.

This is a way better, way cheaper way to promote family fun and unity.

I got this very easy, very wonderful idea from a writer friend of mine, Jessie Andersen.

Her family has a tradition I wish I had thought of when my kids were little- the holiday table cloth.

Every year Jessie's family gets a white table cloth and they all sign it, draw pictures, or leave messages. Then, the next year, they bring one back out for the dinner table.

How awesome this must be to bring out an "archived" table cloth from years ago and enjoy.

Jessie and daughter, Jemma.


  1. Now that's quite a tradition.

  2. adorable! weird, but adorable. And a friend of mine does a yearly quilt. Yes, traditions that need to start early - but grandma can make suggestions... yes, start planning now! ha!


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