Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Reasons to Love the Season!

I know December can be a big stress ball, but we must try to slow down and relax a little amidst the crazy, hectic preparations! Don't forget what it's all about. Here are my favorite things during Christmas season:
  1. I get to see my family - Some people complain about seeing family. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess. I adore my parents and my sister who has a great family of her own. I really wish I could see them more than once a year, but this is usually it. We eat good food, catch up, play games, and laugh a lot! I love spending time with them!
  2. My house will be clean - Here cometh the great cleanse. To prepare for company, I does clean the house good. And decorate it up! Tiring, back-breaking, but worth it - and then I get to relax the whole time they're here.
  3. Parties - I love going to parties. I get to catch up with friends/neighbors I haven't talked to in ages because our lives have gone in different busy directions. The funny thing is, I hate getting ready for them. It seems like a waste of time I could be doing preparations and I don't want to go, then I do and have a great time. We need a relaxing break!
  4. Presents! - Make a list and you shouldn't be disappointed (don't show it if you are!). And sometimes there are happy surprises! But I mostly like seeing other people enjoy what I got for them. Better to give than receive, right?
  5. I will make some memories with my kids. - They grow up so darn fast. I'm almost the shortest person in my house! My oldest will be a senior next year, then poof, he'll be gone! Wah!! Hard to believe. So I try to enjoy the time I have with them.
What's your favorite part of the holiday season? Make sure you enjoy it!


  1. Oh yes, the great cleanse! :) I love that we decided the year after my son was born to stay home for Christmas. Our Christmases are now relaxing and we get so much good family time together.

  2. I often look around the house and say, "We either put it on the market or we give a party!" Time to clean. Enjoy your family and the all that Christmas represents.

    1. i like those options!
      thanks, and happy wishes to you too!

  3. Funny thing about a really clean house for a party. Two days later, it's a mess.

    1. aint it the truth! cleaning seems pointless! ha!

  4. All excellent reasons to love Christmas!


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