Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Avoid Doggone Sickness

Why are people sick as dogs?
 Fido can eat trash int he wag of a tail without any side-effects.
Wouldn't we want to be as healthy as a dog?

I'm going to tell you a really gross story. The worst part is, it's totally true.

Last winter, I was walking into a department store and one of their employees was walking in with me. As we approached the door, the worker sneezed- one of those snotty winter sneezes that require several tissues to contain the flow.

Problem was, she didn't have a tissue. Instead, she used her hand. A wad of snot filled her palm. Without missing a beat, she flicked the mess on the side walk and walked right into the store.

She touched the door handle. Shoved a cart out of her way. Straightened a display case of holiday cookies...all on her way to the cash register, where she rang up items, touching each and every one with her snotty hand.

It was soo gross. And I realized...this probably wasn't a rarity. People sneeze in their hands all the time, and then touch all the stuff everyone else is touching.

The problem is- what to do?

Become a germ hermit afraid to go out into world?

No, that's no fun, especially during the holidays. We busy housewives have gifts to buy and dinners to prep. We can't avoid the public and their grossness, but we can minimize the spread for their germs.

Just follow my grandma's hand washing rules.

Always wash your hands before you eat and after returning from a public place. I'd get less frowns from kissing a dog on the head than if I sat down at the table without dirty paws. My grandma always said, "Soap is cheap...use it."

Good hand washing can be as good as a flu shot. 


  1. It's enough to make you throw up isn't it. Here they promote sneezing into your elbow instead of your hands. More hygenic in the long run I guess. Of course you have to get people to do it.

    1. I'm an elbow sneezer...or when my aim is off, the shoulder, so be careful how you pat me on the back.


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