Monday, August 20, 2018

Moving Highs and Lows

Isn’t moving fun?
No. Not really.

But there is good in it. Lots! Because of all the hard work that goes into getting a house ready to sell and getting your stuff ready to move, the good parts tend to get overlooked. Sure, it's all wonderful once you’re settled into a great new house. Think about how happy everyone looks at the end of those home-finder and home improvement shows...

So as I trudge through the muck of moving, I'll make us all feel better by sharing some of the bright spots...
  1. the Great Purge - Are you always complaining about the junk you’ve collected? My hub does all the time! Well, moving requires you to finally tackle this procrastinated chore. First we have to clear the visible clutter for showings, then the major purge of all the stashed stuff for the actual move. Sort your items as you go: Bag it for donations or trash and box it for moving - just make sure you don’t mix up your piles...
    • MOVING TIP: I got some great moving boxes from Petsmart and Target - just call ahead and they'll be happy to donate to your cause since they're just throwing their boxes away anyway!
  2. Cleanliness! - Does your house always seem dirty? With messy boys and a dog, mine is never clean for more than five minutes. But with possible showings around every corner, we are on strict keep-it-clean mode! Surfaces must remain clutter-free and anything we use regularly has to have a hiding spot in a drawer or cabinet--even the toaster and toothbrushes! Since we are purging, this task gets easier. I just hope it doesn't take long to sell as I keep having to dig through some of the packed stuff! And when a showing does come, we work together to spiffy up the house - cleanest it's ever been!
    • MOVING TIP: We rearranged furniture in some of the rooms to make them more "show-friendly" and those little indentations were all over the floors. I found if you hand vacuum with the hose on those spots, they blend better with the rest of the carpet.
  3. Spreading Happiness - I mentioned donations above, but there's more to it than just giving away stuff we don't need. As the kids grow up and move on, we donate their clothes, but also books, movies, toys, and sports equipment. I usually give friends and neighbors first pick--it's great seeing first hand that it will be put to good use. We also donate to schools and churches. Then the rest we give to the Veterans and Good Will. We have lots of stuff for all!
    • MOVING TIP: Since we are moving, we use trash bags for most of the donations and save the boxes for breakables. And I recommend having a portable dolly--it saves my back over and over. I got it for my book shows, but it comes in handy all the time!
  4. Excellent Exercise - No time to work out? Cleaning, purging, and moving are terrific for making you sweat! I look for exercise in daily activities all the time. Housework, particularly vacuuming, is a great calorie burner. And since paying close attention to my eating habits is a low priority during this busy time, extra exercise comes in handy to cancel it out!
    • MOVING TIP: Don't over do it! Listen to your body and treat it with respect. Lift things by bending your knees. Use "Moving Men" sliders for big pieces of furniture. And get help - don't move alone.
Hope your summer has been a good one! And if you have any moving tips, I'll take 'em!


  1. Well done Tara - sounds like you're on the right track ... and I do hope it doesn't take long to sell - so that you can get back to living a bit in your home. Wise advice here ... all the best - cheers Hilary

  2. My moving tip, don't!!! I have never enjoyed moving although I have done it many times, not just from one place to another but one country to another. Your tips are good ones. Like the one about marks in the carpet. I must try that.

  3. Great tips! And just at the right moment for me. I'm 'slowly' getting the house ready for sale. Right now, I'm in 'fix it' mode and edging to purging. Luckily, we live in a very rural area and the idea of a perfect, model house isn't important here. Thank heavens! I think I'd go crazy (and never make it) if we were in the city and had to accomplish that somehow. Happy moving!

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