Monday, August 27, 2018

At Home Entertainment

With summer coming to a tragic, way-to-soon close, it's time to start thinking about bringing the entertainment inside. My niece, Stacey, came up with a great way to enjoy movie time sans theater.

She hosted a movie night! There was popcorn with every seasoning Wal Mart had to offer, movie-sized treats from the dollar store, and drinks.

And to keep it handy, she had bath caddies as snack carriers. She got them at the everything-for-a-dollar store. Everyone had their own personal caddies! They worked perfectly. The caddies are separated for use with toiletries, but we used the separations to hold the drink, popcorn, and the candy.

I was so enthralled by the carriers, I couldn't help but think of all the other uses these caddies could have, such as...

*To-go meal carriers. Forget eating out of the flimsy bags or boxes. With the caddy, you can separate food and drink in a sturdy, easy to carry unit.

*Art supplies. Use the shower caddy to keep craft items, paints, brushes, or even crayons sorted and separated.

*Cleaning supplies. Load up a caddy and you're ready to clean, carrying supplies easily from room to room.

*Manicure/pedicure time. Toss your nail polishes, remover, emery boards, and clippers all together in one easy to grab and go spot.

*Make-up caddy. Same as the manicure and pedicure idea, a caddy is a great way to keep make-up organized.

*Picnic helper. Place the utensils, napkins, and condiments in a caddy and you're ready to go.

*Car washing. Stock a caddy with the cleaners, waxes, and cleaning rags and you're ready in an instant to give your car a quick clean.

Can you think of some genius uses for these caddies?


  1. My first comment, summer isn't ending yet Liz. I use a cane which essentially makes you one handed so if I want to get my coffee, my lunch, and a book or Kindle, these carriers would probably help with that.

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