Monday, July 30, 2018

I.R.L. Tips

Blogs, magazines and Pinterest are full of great tips and ideas. In my lifelong quest to do all things domestic things as quickly and easily as I can, I'm always game to try new shortcuts. But you always wonder...does the tip apply to real life or does it take a staff of artist to master the tip? 

Here's a few I tried this month:
How to remove the melted wax from a burner easily. 

The tip called for a chunk of ribbon, but that seemed like a waste of ribbon, so I folded a piece of scrap paper and placed it in the melted wax. 

To remove the wax cleanly from a burner, turn off the burner, place the paper in the wax, and wait for it to cool and harden.

It worked!
I'll give this tip a B for effort. The tip worked, but honestly, it was more work than just setting the whole wax cup in the freezer for a bit. Once frozen, the now-hardened wax slides out with ease.

Another idea was zesty tater tots.

This idea gets an A. It was easy as pouring tater tots in a bowl, sprinkling with garlic salt, cayenne pepper, paprika, stirring, and baking.

How about you? Have any tips that were better or worse in real life?

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  1. About my only useful tip, which I think I have told you before, is, if you spill a glass of red wine on the carpet, smother it with salt, lots of it, and let it dry. Then vacuum it up, voila no red stain. Tried it with something else recently, forget what, and it worked for that too.


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