Monday, July 23, 2018

Easy Beach Tips!

Sand, sand everywhere!
so long ago... miss those days!

Well, I'm on vacation in Florida this week so I thought it would be a perfect time to give some summer vacay tips!

First, check out this post by Liz: Life's a Beach for some awesome sand aversion advice! Great minds think alike, as I have an essential, go-to packing list too (I love lists!) But my favorite is the Sheet Seat:

"I’m lazy. I hate lugging chairs and stuff to the beach. I throw a few sheets in my beach bag and I’m good to go. I can dig a “seat” in the sand, cover it with my sheet, and I’m comfy. Then when I’m ready to go- sand whips off a sheet much easier than a towel or blanket. No more gallons of sand going in the washer!"

Thanks, Liz!

Here are a few more beachy and vacationing tips...
  • Apply sunblock before you get on the sand - then it won't stick as much, and you won't have to keep your kids from having fun as soon as you arrive. And don't forget the lip balm with SPF!
  • I'm going to re-emphasize the importance of resealable bags:
    • to keep stuff protected - phones, money, sunscreen, a book, snacks
    • but also, to bring back souvenirs - shells, driftwood, even sand and critters!
  • A golf umbrella is a saving respite if you've had too much sun - I need shade! And it's usually several degrees cooler, a good place to put phones and drinks.
  • Freeze bottled waters the night before - when you're at the beach all day, they melt slower and stay cold longer.
  • Don't forget your sunglasses:
    • easily lost and broken, I suggest having a cheap, fun pair just for the beach
    • but if you wear prescription specs like me, you're blind for the day with regular shades or get a headache with perma-squint. (I've tried the specs that shade in the sun - not a fan; they always looked dim, even inside!) So, I found these clip-on shades for my glasses. They're not too expensive, and they come in lots of sizes/styles (thank you, Walmart). I love them!

  • Back at the "house" we love playing games, so we always bring some with us. And we even come up with a few of our own (look for an upcoming GAMES post!)
  • Lastly, check out this video I found on Facebook with a bunch of easy, demonstrated beach tips. I especially love the Flip Flop Fix (with a pop can tab!) and the Frozen Aloe Sunburn Relief!

So, get out there and enjoy the blistering summer! Do you have any summer vacay or beach tips to share?


  1. I practically live on the beach in Florida, and despite my exhaustive efforts, I'm still amazed at how much sand we bring home with us after each visit—especially when we have company. Vacuuming sand from the washer is a regular occurrence in my house.

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. Good tips. I am unlikely to beach it any more, but could have used these tips once upon a time.

  3. I love the freezing water in a bottle tip. My mom used to freeze Capri Sun drink pouches, but as an adult who tries to cut calorie corners wherever I can, water is a better idea.

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