Monday, July 16, 2018

Lower the Carbs in Mashed Potatoes

To use in mashed potatoes, I peeled the thicker skinned squash, but the smaller,
thinner skinned ones, I simply removed the seeds and cut into cubes. 

My little garden must be the perfect soil for squash because we are being overrun with the veggie.* The basket of squash above was one afternoon's bounty. There is that much more every day.

I've added it to soups and fried it, but still there is more and more coming.

Soo, when I peeled potatoes the other night for mashed potatoes for dinner, I chopped up a couple of squash (removing the seeds!) and threw them in the pot. I cooked them together in salted water until both were tender, then drained and mashed them.

Since the squash must have a higher moisture content, I didn't add any milk. I did add my regular amount of butter for flavor.

No complaint potatoes with less carbs!
Boom. Skinnier mashed potatoes. They tasted great. My picky potato connoisseurs couldn't tell the difference. There was also the added bonus of the yellow veggie giving the potatoes a very buttery look thus fooling my husband into thinking I added extra butter, which stopped him from adding his usual extra dollop of butter. Another win!

*I know that squash is botanically a fruit, but my philosophy that if it it isn't in a fruit salad and tastes best with butter, it's a veggie!


  1. Way to go Liz. Very inventive.

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