Monday, August 3, 2015

Life's a Beach!

Life’s busy. Kids, work, chores- even Fido can be a time sucker. No other day of the week feels more pinched and chaotic than Monday. That’s why the Really Real Housewives are devoting every single scattered, yet to be fried brain cell to bringing you quick tips we hope makes your life a little easier....even on a Monday. 

Summer is closing fast, but I'm not ready to let it go. Still got a vacation coming up? Maybe an end of season trip to the beach? Here's a few tips that make beach travel a bit more simple. 

1.       Foil. We stay at vacation cottages that come equipped with kitchen essentials, but they never have food storage containers. Foil or a roll of plastic wrap turns every bowl into storage.

2.       Baggies. Gallon size and sandwich size. These are handy when traveling for everything from left overs to packing shampoos, lotions, or other items you don’t want to leak. Also great for dropping your phone in so it doesn’t pick up any sand at the beach.

3.       Plastic cups. My kids are snacking travelers. Instead of giving them access to entire bags of chips or boxes of cookies, I add a serving to a cup and send it back. The cups fit in the holders, so there are less spills and less mess. (And it’s much cheaper to separate large bags into servings than buying serving sized containers!)

4.       Clothes pins. Not only are these great for hanging wet suits and towels on the line, but they’re great for sealing bags of chips, cereal, or other dry goods. Just roll down the top and clip. Much cheaper and smaller to haul than regular chip clips.

5.       Sheets. I’m lazy. I hate lugging chairs and stuff to the beach. I throw a few sheets in my beach bag and I’m good to go. I can dig a “seat” in the sand, cover it with my sheet, and I’m comfy. Then when I’m ready to go- sand whips off a sheet much easier than a towel or blanket. No more gallons of sand going in the washer! 


  1. Those are excellent tips, especially the sheets. I never thought of doing that. So much easier than carrying chairs!

    1. And you have a little guy. Let him work hard digging you a sand chair. Throw the sheet over it and you have a comfy place to read a book while he rests.

  2. Ingenious ideas! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. I see you have this down! I should have read this yesterday before my trip to the beach! Oh well, next time.

    1. What you should have done was take me to the beach with you. I'd have shared the tips AND helped you carry!


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