Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Body Fuel

Diet truly is a four letter word. Any time I go on a diet, I'm immediately obsessed with every cake and cookie in the cupboard.

It's insanity. I've dipped so low as to rip open bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips to appease a screaming sweet tooth.

Going on a diet never seems to work.

To me, athletes have a much better view of the body.

They're not as obsessed with how their body looks as they are concerned with how their body performs.

Food for them is fuel, not a reward or an obsession.

My kids are athletes, and they're also students. As such, they often have a long wait between lunch and dinner. To beat the afternoon slump and give them enough energy to carry them through practice, it's important to make every calorie in their bagged lunches count. I shoot for high protein/ healthy carb balance.

These wraps fit the protein bill nicely, but they can also add up on the grocery tab. At a dollar per wrap, that's not outrageous, but they're so easy to make- why not make them yourself?

the wraps
Mission makes a low carb, high fiber tortilla that is full of protein. Pair them with some cheese, ham, and pepperoni; roll them up; and you have a great lunch food.  I like to use the fat free cheese, lean ham, and turkey pepperoni. That way, I can make up a whole lot of them and eat them as my own guilt-free snack.

A blurry shot of the ingedients
 Another great protein add to the lunch is a cheese stick and a carton of milk. Toss in a banana for some potassium, and you have a great lunch for an athlete.

Then, before practice, they can enjoy a snack before breaking a sweat. Here's a tasty, energy maintaining treat that isn't several dollars per bar!


  1. Awesome idea! I've looked everywhere for places that sell mini cartons of milk for lunchboxes. I know my son can buy one at school, but they get so little time for lunch, that he'd lose half of it waiting in line at the cafeteria just to get milk. Granola bars are always a hit too.

    1. That is true. My kids most often take water, just for that reason. You can get bottles of milk- not sure if they would spoil, though.

  2. exactly! these are things my boys eat too. and protein drinks & shakes & choc milk after workouts

    1. Mine do the protein shakes in the off season while they train. During the regular season, they just eat everything in the fridge!


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