Monday, August 10, 2015

Ready to get schooled?

It's already that time of year? Nooo! It's still summer!

But I do love school supplies. I savor the smell of fresh paper, erasers, and pencils. Notebooks, scissors, and crayons - oh my! I picture a musical where kids and moms are dancing around the aisles, swirling carts, and waving colorful folders and rulers in synchronized formations...

School Shopping Tips:
  • Wait! Before you shop, did you save any supplies from last year? Check your list. My kids never use all their paper and we have become good at recycling some items - especially backpacks. Don't worry, I'll remind you at the end of the year for next time!
  • Most of the off/store brand products work just as well as the big name brands, except for dry erase markers, EXPO is still the tops for that.
  • If you can't find it in the special school supply section - check the store's regular office supply aisle. Not as many people and you might get lucky.
  • And pay attention to TAX FREE SHOPPING days. Many states do this toward the end of summer each year and includes it clothes and shoes. Many were this past weekend, Aug 7-9, but some states aren't done yet. Here's a good list of dates.

Go get your school supplies on!


  1. As a sinistrophile, I feel obligated to mention the necessity of buying special supplies for left-handed students. All the major left-handed stores have sections for little lefties, like scissors, pens with special grips and angles, notebooks with spirals on the other side, rulers designed the other way around, and art supplies. An example of such merchandise is at (U.S.) and (U.K.). There are a few other lefty stores I've found, but those seem to be the two most prominent.

    1. YES! thanks for pointing that out, Carrie-Anne! and i love that you told us what a lefty is!

  2. Just finished our school shopping today! The teacher decided on a variety of very specific folder colors, which had us running around everywhere (really teachers, can't we stick to 'normal' stuff?) but we got them! And celebrated with an ice cream ;)

  3. I imagined that beautiful dancing moment of shopping for school supplies, but it didn't happen. The other customers were pushy, everything was messed and not on the right shelves, and most of the supplies on my list were like tissue, paper plates, and Clorox wipes. I guess the exciting shopping will come later in the school career. (And Indiana doesn't have a tax free shopping day. Boo!)


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