Monday, August 17, 2015

Savor The Last Days of Sumer

This time of the year, a lot of us have those end of summer blues. Kids going back to school means the return of early mornings, am battles (Isn't it funny how they can be up before 7 They don't have school but can't be woken by a tornado as soon as school starts), and more work for Mom. And if you think school is more work for you, believe me I'm feeling it too. When you drop your kids at the curb next week, I'll be there to meet them.

No use complaining though. It's either those 7 am mornings or home school, and I'd rather be trapped with 26 of your kids than attempt to tell mine something else she isn't going to listen to. LOL.
Since we can't avoid, let's make the most of it. Slip in an end of summer trip. That place you've always wanted to go, wanted your kids to see? Pack up and go there.

Not an option? Limited time or money? We can work with this. Do an end of summer day trip. Think of things that might be two hours from you in any direction, use Google if you have to. They can be corny. It's okay to do something kind of cheesy or touristy. The point is to do something you're about not to have time for, right? And if you can't find anything in that radius from you that you think might be interesting, find a nice lake, beach or state park area and head up. If you want to be frugal pack an ice chest with snacks and lunches. But I plan to accidentally "forget" the cooler. There is no excuse not to cook like a Monday.


  1. I like the forgetting the cooler part! I did an end of summer trip to a little water park with my son and his buddy. A great way to end off what seemed like a too short summer. He's loving school, even though this morning was one of those days we barely made it to the bus!

  2. Awesome, Christine. I can't believe you guys are already in school!


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