Monday, April 30, 2018

Try, try again

Healthy Lifestyle Update: No comment

I fell off the wagon again, hard. But I’m not giving up.
Some days are too stressful to worry about finding something healthy to eat. Plus, there were donuts at work. I can’t resist free donuts. Poor excuses, I know But I’m weak. I have good days and bad days. So I guess my goal is to have more good than bad, and more good in a row.

I decided I need a solution for this problem if I’m going to be successful - that’s the analytical side coming out. So here’s the contingency plan:
  • emergency healthy snacks - baggies of nuts, craisins, trail mix, cheerios - yes, give me some dry cereal! and stash them in my purse. granola bars and nutrigrain bars are good too - just gotta watch the labels, some are more calories than others!
  • reach for a water - lots of times I’m not hungry, I just need a pick me up, even a diet soda is better than a cookie or chips
  • french fries only once a week - if I have to drive thru (not ready to nix it completely yet, just too convenient) I have to limit the fries, one of my favorite things. At least I always get the kiddie size. Allowing myself fries once a week, I will manage when I can enjoy them - like a reward.
I am proud to say I walked the doggy this week =)
And yesterday, I did a little walk-a-thon for a good cause.
The nicer weather helps!

How you doin??


  1. I have gained a couple of pounds or so lately so I have started back on which helped me lose weight before. Allowing yourself a treat once a week is a good idea, one thing you have to be careful about, feeling deprived, that way you might end up bingeing on the thing you have deprived yourself of. I allow myself a small dessert on a Saturday night.

  2. Taking time to make healthy meals is tough, especially when you're so busy. Healthy snacks help. I find cooking in bulk and freezing it when I have some extra time helps. Then I can pull something out of the freezer and warm it up quickly. (Don't Panic, Dinner is in the Freezer is a helpful book for cooking in bulk.)

  3. Hi Tara ... good luck, just being sensible and doing what you can when you can ... all the best - cheers Hilary

  4. It is so hard to avoid fast food when you're in a time crunch!! Tonight, I was ready to order pizza, but settled for Hebrew National Hotdogs (only 45 calories per dog) and mac and baked cheese nips. It's not health food, but it was quick, easy, and had a few less calories than a burger and fries.

  5. Thanks for the support and for sharing stories and advice - it helps!

  6. All the little steps count. :) I try to replace things that I crave to eat with healthier alternatives. We eat veggie burgers instead of beef. I flavor my water instead of having soda. Now if only I could convince myself I didn't want cookies all the time!

  7. I have to tell myself all the time, "Listen to your body - is it hunger or is it a craving?" If I'm hungry for something, raw vegis or canned green beans are my go-tos. But if I'm craving sometimes I have to give in because if I don't I'll eat out the fridge avoiding the thing I'm craving. So, as long as I limit my portions, I give myself permission to satisfy.

  8. christine, cookies!!!

    and yes, jen, permission to satisfy


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