Monday, April 2, 2018

The best time to start a #diet - part 1

You know DIET is a four-letter word.
that's diet, btw
It's so negative. This is what it means to me:

D - Deny
I - Ingesting
E - Every-
T - Thing I like!

I used to try fad diets. Some worked at first. But you know the story - once you see some results, you give yourself a reward. Then something comes up, like a vacation or Thanksgiving or the weekend! and the diet is out the window.

I don't diet anymore. I've been dieting all my life - never satisfied with my weight. Sound familiar? That's a problem in and of itself - a self-esteem problem that is shared by most women. With age, and child-bearing, I grew to accept my form. I maturely realized I wasn't going to exercise my butt off (ha ha). I chose to spend my valuable spare time on things that were most important to me, like family and writing.

I stayed relatively healthy and not too heavy. Then the Change hit. No one said anything about the 25 extra pounds that magically appear!! And in such a short time! I didn't change my eating habits or minimal exercise routine, but BAM! Here I am about to hit my max weight of dire consequences. This is unacceptable and I now have to do something drastic. But I won't call it a diet...


I have four constant goals:

But these goals are wishy washy and vague, and easily ignored or appeased. "I drank three cups of coffee - that's mostly water" or "How many raspberries do you think are in a jelly donut? That counts." I groan at my own excuses!

So I am undergoing a lifestyle change. I have to be serious. I also have to be reasonable with the expectations I place on myself. But most of all, I have to have WILL POWER!

At least I'm starting this undertaking at the best time to start a change of eating habits - SPRING!

In Part 2, I'll talk more about my plan and why Spring is the best time to start it. I decided to go for it on Thursday 3/29, so I'll have a 2-week update on my progress as well... Wish me luck!

Do you have a max weight? Do you diet? How do you stay healthy?
Hope you're having a great start to this Stormy Spring!


  1. It is a problem isn't it Tara? One I have been struggling with my whole life. However, in January 2013, I joined and recorded everything I ate. I lost 46 lbs and am pleased to say it is still off. I am relatively careful about what I eat and I don't eat junk food. I bowl two or three times a week and I go to gentle (I do mean gentle) exercise classes twice a week. The classes are in my building and free.

  2. I don't really diet. I do have a max weight, though, and whenever I get close to it (or exceed it, as often happens when I make a trip home...) I just have to make a conscious effort to cut back on my junk food intake. I have such a weakness for junk food.

  3. The raspberries in the jelly don't count?

    I'm with you 100%. I'm having the same problems. You're right- time to spring into action!


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