Monday, March 26, 2018

March Entertainment Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe another month is almost done and gone! Here in West Virginia, we welcomed spring with a few inches of snow. Enough of that! I am ready to say goodbye to winter.

Since it's the end of the month, let's do our end-of-the-month entertainment wrap-up. 

On Netflix, Hush is an excellent thriller. A deaf writer goes to a cabin in the woods to finish a story deadline, but instead becomes the target of a crazed intruder. A great edge-of-your-seat movie. 

6.6 on IMDb

Rented from Redbox, The Disaster Artist, is wonderful entertainment. Based on a true story, this movie is a hilarious and thoughtful look at the making of the cult classic, The Room, and its writer and director, the eccentric, but endearing Tommy Wiseau.

7.6 on IMDb

Also rented from Redbox. The Florida Project was a good movie. I believe The Florida Project was a contender for this year's Oscar Best Picture. Honestly? I thought this movie was way better than this year's winner (The Shape of Water). This movie was like looking in on a snippet of American reality that is at times touching, but also scary, especially now as America looks on at the violence of our youth and asks, "What's wrong with our kids?"

7.7 on IMDb
I must mention that this movie is enjoyable, but the most impressive part is Brooklynn Prince. This young actor is amazing. If I hadn't watched the making of the movie in the bonus material, I'd have thought this adorable child really was just a natural at being a precocious pain in the rear.

As for books to recommend this month, did you know you can download excellent books for free? Project Gutenburg has lists and lists of titles that are now public domain, so they are free to download onto your Kindle or whatever e-reader you use.


  1. Not heard about any of those movies Liz. I can borrow all kinds of movies from the library so I should see what they have. Yes, I did know about Project Gutenberg (had forgotten) aren't they mostly classics?

    1. Yes, they will mostly be the classics-- or books that are currently no longer under copyright.

      I think the library usually carries the Oscar contenders. I'm not sure about Hush, but maybe.

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