Monday, March 5, 2018

Quick Fix - I love Sharpies!

Being a writer and a teacher, I have a natural attraction to office supplies. I have to limit my visits to Office Depot and try to veer clear of the stationary aisle at Target. Post-its, paper, and pens Oh my!

And as the Lazy Housewife (Efficiency Expert), I look for ways to make things last. I hate working too hard and I hate spending too much money! Duct tape is probably my number one go to. And Sharpie Markers are a close second. They really make a statement! =D
Besides terrific expressive writing for getting a message across or labeling boxes for packing or shipping, Sharpies are awesome for fixing things up around the house.

Here are just a couple of examples:
Our wood kitchen table has lots of natural imperfections - and my family has added many more, leaving white nicks and chips. I dab a skinny Sharpie on the spots and Ta Daa! Looks a ton better!
I also extend the life of some of my shoes... The heels of my boots were completely worn and faded - but I don't want to buy a new pair until they go on sale (which is pretty soon, but not soon enough to wear this season!)
So much better! Not brand new, but wearable. And I only used a black Sharpie! I tried a brown one as you might be able to see in the before shot, but it didn't match. Black worked perfectly!
(BTW, I only fixed the heels, the lighting was a little different in the second picture.)

I've touched up ceramics, frames, plastic, metal, dice, you name it! And they write on most surfaces without smearing - plastic baggies, tape, glass, fabric, etc.

So, always have black Sharpies on hand if you need a quick touch up for something dark.

Do you have a Sharpie moment? Any advice on touch ups?

Happy March!


  1. Never thought of using them for things like that Tara. Great ideas. I'll have to see what I can use them for.

  2. Hi Tara - always useful ... and I've done similar at odd times ... so glad the boots will survive a few more weeks .. cheers Hilary

  3. I always have Sharpies on hand, but have never had such creative uses for them. I especially love that shoe fix! :)

  4. Oddest thing I ever Sharpied? My dog! One year, while we were on vacation, fleas got the upper hand and she'd rubbed almost all the fur off her lower back. My son said a bald-butted dog was embarrassing, so I colored in the missing hair with Sharpie. Spotty enjoyed the "tattoo" and we had the fleas under control and her hair grew back before the black totally wore off.


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