Monday, February 26, 2018

Entertain Me!

February was not a great month for movies and shows in my house, so I have nothing to recommend. My husband has been doing most  of the picking. I told him I may have to fire him if he doesn't step up his game and make some good picks.

Speaking of games...

My family enjoys board games, so we're always looking for new fun. We came across Secret Hitler, the board game. At first, I thought this was going to be too simplistic to be any fun. The rules are simple. 5-10 players are each dealt a card identifying them as liberal, fascist, or Hitler. At the beginning of the game, all players close their eyes and the players who drew the fascist and Hitler card are allowed to open their eyes and see who is on their evil team.

The object is then for Hitler and his minions to try to take over the government by tricking people into enacting fascist policies.

It sounds complicated, but it's super easy and whole lot of fun.

What's even better is that if you don't want to buy this game, or want to try it for free-- there is a free download on the game's website.

We bought our version for $35. (I didn't realize it was available for free!) But it's so much fun, it's worth it.
Get your free PDF or order your own board game here!
February was a good month for books. Most of my reading is spent on beta reads, or reading rough drafts of yet-to-be published works. for fellow writers, but I do buy books too. This month's favorite read was a book I got whole it was on sale, probably months ago. I often go to Kindle's free reads and download books that look interesting.

This one was a winner. It's a memoir of a young Californian teacher who is hired to teach in Arizona in 1912-- the first year of Arizona's statehood into the union. Historic memoirs are such a great way to take an intimate peek at history!

Free on Kindle Unlimited


  1. Haven't played board games for a long, long time Liz. Used to enjoy them too. This one sounds complicated but I believe you when you say it isn't. As for TV, I have been watching the Olympics a lot. Reading, I have books coming out of my ears from the library, a Kindle loan, and a proofing.

    1. As I was reading this book, I kept thinking of how you should write a memoir! I bet it would be a great read.

      It really is simple. The only hard part is lying convincingly (I am not great at lying).


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