Monday, May 7, 2018

Quick Tips and Ideas

This week was a busy one. College is out for the summer, so all of my boys are home. I also have two graduating this spring--one from high school and one from college. Between party planning and trying to absorb all the boxes and crates moving back home for the summer entails, I've been scattered.

So, for this week, I'm sharing a few quick tips and ideas. Whenever I see something useful or interesting, I usually write it down or snap a picture of it to share here. Let's crack open that idea vault and see what's there!

Tip #1

I have a decorative can in my bathroom that I put hand bands, etc. in. It's getting older, but it has sentimental value, so I'm not inclined to part with it. The problem was it kept leaving rust rings on the back of my toilet where it sat. 

Time to bleach the rust ring again!
The solution? Paint the bottom of the can with nail polish. Usually, I'd use clear polish, but I didn't have any, so I used pink. Left the can upside down until it dried-- problem solved!

No more rust marks!
Idea #1

I saw this idea at a craft store and I loved it. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm seeing all sorts of easy possibilities. You could use almost any shape. Just search for clip art silhouettes on the internet, like HERE. Pick a picture, attach it to your jar or vase or plate...really there are so many options...and then paint. Remove the printed art and you've made a cute craft!

I'm imagining some pretty flowers for summer time!
Idea #2

I LOVE this idea. My niece did these with her little girl. I am so bummed that I never thought to do something like this with my own kids. These are her child's feet, captured for a lifetime, in simply the cutest way.

Baby's feet and hands as art. I love it!

Tip #2

I saw this on Facebook and had to laugh. Personally, I can over-prime completely sober. I love online shopping! I even bought my dog food online last week. I bought it from Wal Mart and went through Ebates first, so not only did I get cash back from Ebates, I didn't have to carry the 50 pounds of dog food up my steps! I'm sure my mail carrier hates me.
Be sure to go to Ebates before shopping online!
No sense passing up cash back on purchases and if there are
online coupons and discounts, Ebates usually has them listed too.


  1. Hi Elizabeth - so sensible and fun ... love the idea of pink nail varnish on the bottom of your tin ... and yes - the poor postmen carting heavy stuff around ... but why not - makes sense for us - cheers Hilary

    1. They have to be in great shape! Things that are too heavy, they could leave in the garage and I'd get one of the men in my house to lug it up.

  2. I saw ads recently for ordering pet supplies online. Thought it was a good idea. I love the nail polish idea too. Very useful stuff, nail polish.

    1. I've used it for all kinds of things- even fixing up fading figurines!

  3. That is a nice idea with the can. And the drink + prime had me snorting my coffee... thanks? :)

    1. Snorting coffee is never fun in the end, unless it's witnessed by someone in the room- then it's hilarious for them.


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